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Author: alyssazambo
Created: August 18, 2009
Taken: 15 times
Rated: G

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It's funny how you can be so funny

Created by alyssazambo and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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Open a new tab and go to google.com, type in the following with your name
after it & answer with the first suitable result that appears.
Ex. *Name* is tired of: Alyssa is tired of giving kisses goodnight.
Try it. This is gonna be fun I promise. Star afterwards. Let's begin.
NAME wants to be like
NAME sang
NAME said
NAME likes
NAME needs
NAME ate
NAME took her/him
NAME swam
NAME walked
NAME broke up with
NAME kissed
NAME hugged
NAME blogged about
NAME wrote
NAME screamed
NAME shot
NAME threw a
NAME cried over
NAME loved
NAME was kicked by
NAME died because
NAME killed
NAME was in jail because
NAME rushed
NAME chatted with
NAME was excited
NAME got fired by
NAME cried over
NAME took over
NAME got
NAME texted
NAME broke the
NAME wore
NAME saw the
NAME hated
NAME twisted
NAME is scared of
NAME immediately
NAME craved for
NAME is open to