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Author: kayla-rhs2012
Created: August 18, 2009
Taken: 74 times
Rated: G

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God, shine your light on me.

Created by kayla-rhs2012 and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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How was your day today? Anything special happen?
Did you help anyone out today?
Are you thinking or pondering anything?
What's your standing on abortion?
Do you think politics is the art of lies or democracy and opinions?:
Are you into anything, like music or art?
Explain to me your clothing style, how do you like to dress?
Do you have a MySpace or Facebook?
Do you take special pictures for MySpace or Facebook?
Have you been to church this week?
Do you devote your time to any clubs or activities?
Do you take free samples at the grocery store?
How often do you go grocery shopping?
Have you ever stayed up all night talking on the phone, internet?
What's a career that intrests you?
If you could join any band, what band would you choose?
Do you go to school?
What's one thing you would change about your school?
Do you plan on attending college?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?
Are you a Republican or Democrat?
Did you vote in the last election?
Aren't you grateful for the brave men and women in the Army?
Have you ever made a survey that had been taken over 500 times?
Why exactly do you take surveys?
Do you plan on posting this anywhere?
Rockband or Gutair Hero?
Algebra or English?
Would you be intrested in being a journalist?
Are you camera shy?
Have you ever skipped class?
Have you ever gotten CAUGHT skipping class? :D
Do you have a 'cool' principal or teacher?
Are you parents pretty chill?
Do you make okay grades?
You better! So, what's your name kid?
Is it night time or day time?
Don't you just love the internet? What website do you visit often?
Do you have a Bzoink Profile?
Can you code HTML on your own?
Are you going to have a good rest of the week?
I hope so! :D