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Author: fleshisforzombies
Created: August 19, 2009
Taken: 105 times
Rated: G

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50 Original Questions

Created by fleshisforzombies and taken 105 times on Bzoink
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Do you like chocolate?
Do you know who founded the state of Georgia?
Have you even taken the SATs?
If so, how did you do on them?
Does it get cold in the winter where you live?
Have you ever been in the ocean?
Have you ever built a snowman?
What's your favorite thing to drink?
Do you like accents?
If so, what's your favorite?
Are penguins really are cute as everyone thinks?
Do you know who Seth Green is?
What's your favorite movie?
Is there hardwood floor or carpet in the room you're in?
Who's your favorite Disney character?
What's your favorite kind of pizza?
Do you like texting?
Do you like Family Guy?
Who's your favorite?
What's your favorite holiday?
What's your high school mascot?
Do you care that the rainforests are being cut down?
Do you like sunset or sunrise better?
Do you recycle?
What do your sunglasses look like?
What's your favorite bird?
What's your best friend's name?
Do you think energy drinks are gross?
Have you ever done any volunteer work?
Do you have any bruises on your knees?
What about your elbows?
What do you think of PETA?
Aren't clowns creepy?
Are your great grandparents still alive?
What's your favorite type of butterfly?
What's your favorite TV station?
What about radio?
What's your favorite color rose?
Do you like Fuze drinks?
Would you rather be hot or cold?
Do you like swimming?
Have you ever had a fruit pizza?
Do you think Nirvana is only famous because Kurt killed himself?
What's your favorite horror movie?
What's the weirdest pet you've ever had?
What was your last day dream about?
What do you want to go to college for?
What'd your favorite kind of yogurt?
Do you like reptiles or mammals better?
Do you like fluffy or hard pillows?