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Author: catthebeatnik
Created: August 20, 2009
Taken: 124 times
Rated: PG

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Just Another Survey for the Cool Kids

Created by catthebeatnik and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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Are you watching TV right now? If so, what's on?
Have you ever ran over an animal?
Do you like your surname?
Do you chew ice?
What do you think would be the ideal governmental system?
What is your worst fear?
Could you go two weeks without talking to friends?
Would you ever dye your hair platinum?
Why was your name chosen for you?
What kind of accent do you have?
Are you diabetic?
What is something you eat too much?
Do you like ranch dressing?
Is it cold where you are?
Ice cream, gelato, frozen ice cream, or none of the above?
What did you do today?
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
What kind of computer are you using?
What's the most money you would spend for a pair of shoes?
Would you ever become a freegan?
What about a vegan?
How old are your parents?
Do you read your horoscope?
Would you ever live in Australia?
Would you ever date someone who was overweight?
Can you do a cartwheel?
What is your favourite day of the week?
When is your birthday?
How old will you be in five years?
What do you see yourself doing then?
Who do you see yourself doing then? ;)
Do you wear pink?
Do you believe in God?
Would you say you are a nice person?
Do you come from a wealthy family?
Are you interested in world history?
Do you think designers should use models who are closer to size 8 than 0?
Do you have a fetish?
Are you addicted to coffee?
Do you like where you live? Why or why not?
Do you think baby pandas are cute?
Have you ever been white water rafting?
Where is your favourite vacation spot?
Have you ever been protesting? If so, for what?
A person who really gets on your nerves?
Describe your fashion sense.
Would you ever keep a hedgehog as a pet?
What do you think of The Disney Channel?
The Patriot Act?
The Dark Knight?
The Nature Conservancy?
Do you support legalization of the death penalty?
Are you allergic to anything?
Who is your favourite author?
Do you ready poetry? If so, your favourites?
What colour are your bedsheets?
What are your thoughts on pornography?
What's a language you'd like to learn?
What time is it?
What's a movie you'd like to see?
Do you have siblings? If so, describe them.
Should you even be up right now?
Are you eco-friendly?
Would you ever have a natural childbirth?
Have you ever taken antidepressants?
Do you have ugly feet?
How's your hair today?
What kind of acne treatment do you use, if any?
Do you get sick easily?
Are you a night owl or early bird? Or neither?
Would you ever join a nudist colony?
Are you racist, sexist, or homophobic?
What do you think of people who are?
Do well-behaved women make history?
Are you paranoid?
Do you live near the coast?
Do you wear a watch?
What subject were/are you best at in school?
Do you have any tattoos? If so, what of?
Would you ever tattoo someone's name on your body?
Would you ever pierce your genitals?
Do you have a monotonous voice?
Do you use Facebook?
What is one thing you'd like to say to the person who hurt you most?
What are you listening to right now?
Will this be a good year?