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Author: laurenpwns
Created: August 20, 2009
Taken: 299 times
Rated: G

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forever feels like home. sitting all alone.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 299 times on Bzoink
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Look out the nearest window to you, what is the thing you see at first?
When you go to the mall, what store do you check out/visit first?
As a child, did you ever get the chance to go to camp? Which camp was it?
Do you like the school you go to? What school do you go to anyway?
Have you ever been interested in being a psychiatrist? When was this?
Have you ever made a YouTube video? What did that video consist of?
Do you know someone who is physically or mentally abused by someone?
What song, if any, would you use to describe your love life at this moment?
When is the next time you'll write something? Do you like your handwriting?
Do you have a funny last name? Does anyone make fun of it?
What did you eat for dinner last night, if anything? Was it good or bad?
Would you ever want to be in the Genous Book Of World Records? As what?
Have you ever told someone, besides family you love them, and meant it?
Do you like Mexican food? Or would you rather have Chinese food?
Do you like talking to random people you dont know or is it odd for you?
Do you fully understand the religion you have? Difficult to adapt to?
Do you like the singers The Veronicas? What is your favorite song by them?
Are you still in high school or have you even gotten to that point yet?
Has anyone ever had the ability to make you truly happy at any time?
What kind of dressing do you regularly eat on your salad? Is it good?
Are you excited for any movies that are about to come out in theaters soon?
Do you know anyone who has a bigger head than they actually should? Who?
Are you currently taking any pointless classes no one seems to like?
Would you ever become a model if you absolutely had to some day?
Are you someone who normally likes to listen to techno/electronic music?
How many stories or levels does the house you live in currently have?
Do you have a significant other at the moment? Do you love this person?
What color is your skin? Are people racist against you most of the time?
Do you like to read? What's your favorite book genre? Why?
Have you ever worn a clothing item on the same day your best friend did?
Are you someone who normally likes to wear hats? Which one is your favorite
Can you type without looking at the keyboard or are you not so skilled?
Describe the outfit you wore today? Did anyone compliment you on it?
Are you someone who tends to insult a lot of people for no reason?
Have you ever been bullied in your life? How did you get it to stop?
What is your opinion on those whiney scene kids and emo posers?
Have you ever made an article of clothing someone actually wore in public?
Has anyone ever called your personality dull? Do you agree with them?
What is the main thing people compliment you about physically and mentally?
When was the last time you wore a scarf? What color was this scarf?
Are the blankets that are on your bed now made by someone you know in life?
Who is your favorite person on reality television at this moment in time?
When it was on, did you ever watch an episode of Punk'd? Did you like it?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
What is your favorite movie from a different decade? What decade is it?
What is something you're currently not looking forward to any time soon?
Would you ever have a child just to get someone to fall in love with you?
Who is your favorite actress of all time? Why is this person your favorite?
Were you a fan of the nineties in any way? Your favorite nineties song is?
Do people normally try to make you angry when you're at your lowest?
Who was the last person to call you? How long did you two talk?
Have you ever bought a shirt then have it shrink in the dryer and not fit?
When was the last time you were on a piece of exercise equipment?
Do you use the delete button or the backspace button more often?
Is there someone out there who can make basically anyone cheer up?
Have you ever cheated on a significant other before? Why did you do it?
What are you currently watching on television if you're watching anything?
What is your favorite letter in the alphabet? Why is it your favorite?
Do you fully understand anything in life? What is this thing?
What color is your bookbag if you even have one in the first place?
Are you someone who has a new boyfriend/girlfriend every other day?
Has anyone ever made fun of your clothing in any way at all? Why?
Do you currently have a bad taste in your mouth? Do you know why that is?
Have you ever given someone a second chance, and then have them ruin it?
Has anyone ever called you a homewrecker before? Why did they call you this
What is your favorite food you like to cook? Do you even like your cooking?
What is something you wish would happen? Who does this wish involve?
Has anyone ever told you that you've made an impact on their life? Why?
Have you ever had a blood disease or an infection of the blood at any time?
Do the curtains in the room you're in shed a lot of the outside light?
Can people normally tell how you're feeling by your facial expressions?
Have you ever been camping with someone you were sexually involved with?
Are you someone who will never be proud of your past in any way?
Are there any sets of stairs in your house right now? How many sets?
Does the thought of Halloween excite you or scare you in any way?
Have you ever won a competition that involved dancing or singing?
Have you ever watched Project Runway and thought, how stupid is this show?
Are you someone who tries to keep up with the latest fads out there?
As a child, did your parents ever dress you in overalls? Did you like them?
Are you a supporter of gay rights and do you believe in equality?
Do people normally mislead the things you say? Does this make you angry?
What group of people do you normally hang out with? Why is this?
Do you ever match your shoes to the shirt you're wearing that day?
Do fat gay guys make you kind of sick to your stomach in any way?
Is anyone in your household really overly protective of you in any way?
Do you ever get random bruises that come out of no where in particular?
Does it ever freak you out when people you dont know talk to you?
Do you ever only wear clothing to stay comfortable or stylish?
Does anyone you know cuss way too much? Do you mind it or not so much?
Are you someone who is normally obsessive over the things you like?