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About This Survey

Author: angeltee
Created: August 23, 2009
Taken: 51 times
Rated: PG

The Annonymous Friend Survey

Created by angeltee and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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Answer as if answering for a friend/family. No names in this survey
Do you know what friend you'll be answering these questions about?
Friend's General Info (Put idk if you're unsure)
How long have you known your friend for? Where did you meet?
How old is that friend?
When is his/her birthday?
How many birthday parties of theirs have you been to?
How many siblings does that friend have?
What grade is that friend going to? (if any)
At what school? (or workplace)
Describe that friend's appearance:
Is your friend good-looking?
What personality traits would you use to describe that friend?
Friend's faves
What is your friend's favorite color?
Friend's favorite food?
Favorite music?
Favorite band?
Favorite TV show?
Favorite hobby?
Favorite way to spend time with you?
Favorite store?
Favorite celebrity?
Friendly nonsense
Out of your
Is he/she the type of person to go to for help?
Who's clumsier - you or them?
What do you guys talk about most of the time?
Do you text him/her a lot?
Does that friend have a deepest, darkest secret?
Has that friend done anything rebellious?
Did they ever do something
What concert have you guys been to together? Which one?
What friend has your friend been to (without you)? Which one?
If you screamed out
Who would win in arm wrestling (be honest): you or your friend?
Has your friend changed at all during the years you've been friends?
What's the biggest fight/argument you guys had? What was it over?
What was the stupidest argument you ever had?
What's the best memory you have with that friend?
Worst memory?
Would you jump off a bridge for this friend?
Would you eat a roll of toilet paper for this friend?
Would your friend tell you to rip off a piece for them to eat?
Is your friend talented at anything?
Would they rather (base answers on YOUR opinion/judgement)
Your friend would most likely rather: french kiss a dog or their grandpa
Would they ratter drink 2 tabelspoons of soy sauce or eat raw meat?
Would they rather have a sleep over with Chris Crocker or die a virgin?
See their favorite band for a thousand dollars or one they hate for free?
Have their house egged or their car broken into? (suppose they had a car)
Be immensly bored to tears or so stressed they can't take it?
Wake up next to a live tarantula or be chased by a bat?
Babysit 10 kids or have curfew at 4 pm?
Eat glass or throw up glass? (ew)
Have the ability to fly or to read minds?
Find out they were adopted or be shipped of to another country for good?
Now Confess
Who was the friend you chose to talk about?
Do you think you got most of these answers right?
Show that friend these answers and find out!