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About This Survey

Author: egooverdose
Created: August 31, 2009
Taken: 77 times
Rated: PG

Assorted #3.

Created by egooverdose and taken 77 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time you complained about something?
What is your favorite color combination?
Is there a certain routine you have to | like to follow?
When was the last time you spoke in front of a group?
Do you like group projects, or do you prefer to work alone?
What is one thing you hate about society today?
What is something not many people know about you?
What word describes your basic style?
How long did it take you to develop this particular style?
Are you tolerant of beliefs that differ from your own?
Have you ever been told you were going to Hell?
How did you respond?
Is there a religion you are curious about?
Who is the most argumentative person you know?
Do you know anyone who is crazy about proper grammar?
Or are you one of those people? If so, why?
Do you assume things about other people? Give an example?
Describe a crazy hairstyle you have seen?
Do you mind waiting in waiting rooms?
When was the last time you were late for something?
When was the last time it was cold in your area?
Do you know a word in another language? What is it?
Who was the last person to make you feel special?
Have you ever wanted to kill yourself?
If yes, what convinced you not to go through with it?
Do you get used to answering personal questions on surveys?
Do you think that being gay is a choice?
Do you eat meat? Why or why not?
Do you think you look attractive in your profile default picture?
Do you fish for compliments? Do you fish for anything else?