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Author: lilmonsterme
Created: September 1, 2009
Taken: 39 times
Rated: PG

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These tan lines will fade;; but the memories will last a lifetime :)

Created by lilmonsterme and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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:: these tan lines will fade, but the memories will last forever::
~summer '09~
its all you baby;;
hair color--
eye color--
summer loving had me a blast;;
single or taken or just crushing--
their name--
where did you meet them--
did you meet them during or before the summer--
do you think it will last--
where did you guys hang out the most this summer--
whats your fav. summer memory with them--
bestfriends- its a promise not a label;;
a few besties or tons of firends--
who is you BEST friend--
when did you guys meet--
where did you guys hang out the most this summer--
what is your fav. summer memory with them--
how close are you--
what was your last fight about--
will/ are you going to forgive them--
how would you react if they moved away--
do you love them as if they were your family--
do you live with mom or dad or both--
do you like it--
how many--
are you close with them--
did you spend more time with them or your friends--
its about to begin.. school;;
what grade will you be in--
what school--
do you like your teachers--
how about the classes--
whats your fav. class--
fav. teacher--
do you have any classes with friends--
what time do you wake up to get ready--
do you take the time to look cute everyday--
are you ready for school to start--
this summer have you;;
went to the beach--
to the mall--
friends houses--
made new friends--
snuck out--
got dunk--
did drugs--
had sex--
fallen in love--
out of love--
stayed up all night--
slept in all day--
been sick--
seen a shooting star--
had a bonfire--
went swimming--
went tanning--
went out to eat--
this or that;;
pool/ beach--
humid/extra dry--
coke/ pepsi--
hook up/ relationship--
ice cream/ popsicles--
day/ night--
did you have a job--
do you like that--
favorite summer memory--
any regrets--
would you say this was the best summer ever--