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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 4, 2009
Taken: 37 times
Rated: PG

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Assorted #8

Created by egooverdose and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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x1 When are you likely to lie?
x2 Do you say what you mean, and mean what you say?
x3 What is a personality type that you do not like?
x4 What is a personality type that you DO like?
x5 Which of your friends is the least like you? In what way?
x6 How about the most like you? In what way?
x7 What is something you do daily? Is this a habit of yours?
x8 What was the last thing to frustrate you? Is it still, now?
x9 Do you let other peoples' troubles bring you down?
x1o When was the last time you felt under-appreciated?
x11 Does anyone take advantage of you or take you for granted?
x12 Are you taking anyone for granted?
x13 What is one selfish thing that you do?
x14 How about something selfless?
x15 If it were to snow right now, would that be unusual?
x16 What do you like to do on your favorite holiday?
x17 What helps you fall asleep?
x18 When you are nervous about something, what do you do?
x19 Have you ever been near death? How was this experience?
x2o What is something you understand very well?
x21 How do you feel about friendship in general?
x22 Is there anyone you wish you were still friends with now?
x23 Which friendship have you maintained the longest? Are you two close?
x24 What do you do to help yourself "move on" from things?
x25 What is a scent that reminds you of someone?
x26 Is there an image|memory you wish you could forget?
x27 Do you think it is possible to live without regret? Why or why not?
x28 Do you think that you are headed in the right direction?
x29 If you have a religion, do you think it's the only "right" one?
x3o Have you met anyone else who challenged that belief?
x31 What is the hardest part about writing a paper, for you?
x32 How often do you doubt yourself? Has this helped or hindered you?
x33 What is a fear you want to overcome?
x34 What is something you do not like about yourself, with good reason?
x35 Do you do anything harmful? Like what?