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Author: standontheocean
Created: September 5, 2009
Taken: 278 times
Rated: G

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catch the wind, see us spin, sail away, leave today

Created by standontheocean and taken 278 times on Bzoink
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do you think weird it's for someone to have never tried soda?
is there any foreign film you recommend?
do you have the same religious beliefs as your parents?
which floor of your house/building are you on now?
are there any maps hanging in your room?
are you often a third wheel? or is someone a third wheel to you?
what's the last dvd you bought?
tell me about your favorite pair of jeans.
would you ride a motorcycle if given the chance? (or have you?)
is your hair healthy?
if a hotel offered free breakfast in bed, what would you order?
how often do you take a train?
create a band: '[your name] and the [something]s'!
what are your thoughts on reincarnation? (have you ever read up about it?)
what's your favorite led zeppelin song?
does your home have a balcony/deck/porch?
what does your closet/wardrobe say about you?
do you enjoy theatre?
how would you feel about traveling abroad alone?
who would you call a lyrical genius?
how do you treat yourself?
do you have an interesting passport?
are you going to pursue a career according to what you enjoy?
what happens to your old clothes?
what's your favorite frozen treat?
who supports you financially?
if you wanted to go to the movie cinema, how would you get there?
how many pillows are on your bed?
would you pay more for organic food?
have you ever had a crush on a sibling's friend or a friend's sibling?
do you have a friend who mooches? what to do about it? (or is it you?)
do you prefer being awake after everyone goes to bed or before they get up?
do you know much about feng shui? (do you use it?)
how would you make friends in a quiet class?
do you think everything is predetermined, or we have complete free will?
are you generally a quick learner?
what's your favorite spot to read?
has anyone given you a nickname you didn't like? (what was it?)
did you know that buddha is not considered a god to buddhists?
do you save tickets from movies, etc.?
without looking him up, who was jim morrison?
when's the last time your bedroom was painted/wallpapered?
teach me something in another language. (not french/chinese/german/arabic)
what type of body wash did you last use?
what type of music do you like and why?
if you randomly want to eat something in the house, do you eat it or wait?
who knows the most about you (besides yourself)?
do you have a nervous habit? (e.g. biting nails, tapping feet, smoking)
how's your favorite pro sports team doing lately?
would you be/are you a good role model to a younger sibling?
hope you enjoyed that! please save your results :) thanks