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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 5, 2009
Taken: 41 times
Rated: PG

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Assorted #11

Created by egooverdose and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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x1 Do you like jelly bracelets? Which colors?
x2 How would you describe your sleeping schedule?
x3 What three things do you need to sleep?
x4 What is an unhealthy food you often eat?
x5 Have you ever been to a vegan|vegetarian restaurant?
x6 Do you check yourself out in reflective surfaces?
x7 Do you follow any trends? Which?
x8 Is there a trend that gets under your skin and annoys you?
x9 If you were not pretty, would this effect your self esteem?
x1o What makes someone beautiful|pretty, in your eyes?
x11 Who do you know that has the best smile?
x12 Do you mind getting your picture taken?
x13 Do you critique goodlooking members of your gender out of jealousy?
x14 Do you believe in sin? Why or why not?
x15 What makes you feel good?
x16 Have you ever stolen anything from anyone?
x17 What was the last thing you wasted?
x18 Do you often feel guilty?
x19 What are your thoughts on revenge?
x2o Do you think anything justifies cheating? Why or why not?
x21 Do you believe in god? Why or why not?
x22 Have you ever wanted to have your own business?
x23 Have you ever tried to influence or pressure someone else?
x24 Have you ever been influenced or pressured?
x25 Who was the last person to touch you?
x26 Is masturbation an embarrassing topic, to you?
x27 When you write, are you detailed ... or to the point?
x28 If your life was rated ( G, PG, PG-13, R, &etc ), what would it be?
x29 Do you drink or do drugs? Why?
x3o Is sex something special and sacred to you?
x31 Where do you like to meet up with friends?
x32 What is a college course you\\\'d like to take?
x33 What aspect of nature is relaxing to you?
x34 Who was the last person to hurt you? What did they do?
x35 What makes you feel sexy?
x36 What type of weather do you hate?
x37 Does popcorn ever get stuck in your teeth?
x38 Do you tell people when they have things in their teeth?
x39 How would you describe the way you kiss?
x4o What about the way you hug, generally?
x41 Do you like gas station snacks?
x42 Do you tell others to wear their seatbelts?
x43 If you drive, where does your gas money come from?