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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 11, 2009
Taken: 39 times
Rated: PG

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Assorted #13

Created by egooverdose and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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x1 What do you like to do when you're not using the internet?
x2 What is your favorite color to wear on a shoe?
x3 What kind of service did you receive the last you went out to eat?
x4 Do you think that we should "feel sorry" ...
for starving people in other countries?
x5 What was the last thing you bought that was on sale?
x6 Do you keep eating until you're stuffed, or just satisfied?
x7 Do you wait until you are really hungry, to eat? Or just whenever?
x8 What is the nearest sharp object?
x9 Is there anything in your room that you have had since you were a baby?
x1o Are you embarrassed by your school yearbook photos?
x11 Do you think you have become better or worse looking, as you've aged?
x12 Does a bad-hair-day ever leave you feeling glum?
x13 What word do you find funny because of the way it sounds?
x14 Would you ever personally have an abortion; why or why not?
x15 What is something you associate with Hell? Heaven?
x16 Do you know anyone who acts like a know-it-all?
x17 Do you know anyone that IS a know-it-all?
x18 If you're in school, how long have you been back?
x19 Are you enjoying your classes?
x2o If you do not have school, when was the last time you attended?
x21 What was the first thing you are|were excited to do upon turning 21?
x22 When you were younger, what ages were you excited to turn?
x23 Do you ever think negative, harsh thoughts about people you don't know?
x24 If given the chance, would you ever say those things to those people?
x25 Have you ever complimented a stranger? How about the other way around?
x26 Is there a band you like that many others dislike? Which?
x27 In your opinion, who is one of today's most talented musicians?
x28 When you listen to a new song, do you look up the lyrics?
x29 When was the last time you wrote something that rhymed?
x3o How organized|disorganized are your computer documents?
x31 When was the last time you told someone something they needed to hear?
x32 Have you ever talked anyone out of self-harm?
x33 To you, which is better: English muffins, or bagels?
x34 What is one annoying thing about going to the movie theater?
x35 What is one thing that you prefer about going to the theater?
x36 What are you apathetic about? Were you always that way?
x37 What do you think of those that brag about their music taste?
x38 Or, do you brag about yours? If yes, why?
x39 Do popular things tend to irritate you?
x4o Are there any icons on your desktop that you never click anymore?
x41 Who in life means the most to you?
x42 When|How did this person come into your life?
x43 Have you ever tripped in front of a large group of people?
x44 Were you embarrassed?
x45 What is something that you find to be embarrassing?
x46 Windy days: like them, or dislike them?
x47 Do the seasons ever have an effect on your moods?
x48 How often do you get new clothing items?
x49 What is one childish|childlike thing you still like to do?
x5o How do you plan to spend all those years left in your life?