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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 11, 2009
Taken: 113 times
Rated: PG

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Assorted #14

Created by egooverdose and taken 113 times on Bzoink
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x1 Would you ever share a site password with a family member or partner?
x2 What if they asked you? Would you still decline?
x3 Have you ever misjudged whether or not you could trust someone?
x4 Has anyone ever told you they couldn't trust you?
x5 Who in your family has the prettiest eyes?
x6 Do you think that fishing and hunting are wrong? Why or why not?
x7 Would you ever want to go on a fishing or hunting trip?
x8 What is an odd food item you would like to try, or have tried?
x9 When|If you drive, do you go the speedlimit?
x1o Are you an aggressive driver? Or more passive-aggressive?
x11 Describe a hairstyle you had as a little kid?
x13 Are you good at thinking abstractly, or "outside of the box"?
x14 What routine of yours would you most hate to break?
x15 What is your favorite crayon color name?
x16 When someone doesn't like you,do you think it's 'cause they're jealous?
x17 Do you ever assume people are jealous of you? Why or why not?
x18 Has jealousy ever ruined one of your friendships|relationships?
x19 What is one restaurant you would NOT recommend?
x2o What would you consider an unacceptable first date?
x21 What was your last conversation about?
x22 Do you believe that love exists|is true?
x23 What would you say to someone that did not believe in love?
x24 Does failure feel worse when you actually tried?
x25 Does success feel less sweet if you didn't work hard for it?
x26 Would you rather listen or speak, in general?
x27 Do you like to ask the questions, or be asked?
x28 Does smalltalk bother you? Why or why not?
x29 Who is your favorite person to debate or discuss with?
x3o Does the being in your reflection meet with your approval?
x31 Are you more likely to praise or insult yourself? Why?
x32 Name a memorable character from the book you're reading|read?
x33 Are there any friends you won't be friends with much longer?
x34 Would you ever want to have a pen-pal?
x35 Do you enjoy cloudy days? Why or why not?
x36 What was the last delicious thing you ate?
x37 What does music mean to you?
x38 Would it bother you to be forgotten after death?
x39 Do you tend to prefer healthy or unhealthy snacks?
x4o Has anyone ever asked you for diet advice?
x41 What do you tend to think of those that are far overweight?
x42 How about those that are far underweight?
x43 What was the last level of math you took?
x44 To you, what is "being productive"?
x45 Do you feel lucky to live where you do? Why or why not?
x46 Would you ever want to trade lives with someone else?
x47 Would you rather help others, or just help yourself?
x48 Do you like being busy all the time?
x49 Or would you prefer having nothing to do?
x5o You get one day with the world to yourself; how do you spend it?