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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 12, 2009
Taken: 67 times
Rated: PG

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outside conveys perfection, inside portrays corruption;

Created by egooverdose and taken 67 times on Bzoink
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x1 Your top three favorite bands:
x2 One song that means a lot to you:
x3 An instrument you dislike:
x4 A musician you think others should know more about:
x5 Some lyrics you find meaningful:
x6 The name of one of your past music teachers:
x7 A musician who inspires you:
x8 A song from your childhood, that you used to sing:
x9 A description of your music taste:
x1o One thing you believe about music in general:
x11 Do you judge other peoples' taste?
x12 Do you think you have "good taste"? Why|why not?
x13 Are there any concerts you'd like to go to?
x14 What would be a perfect line-up, in your opinion?
x15 What do you think of modern VS older music?
x1 What is one lesson you have learned?
x2 Have you ever reconnected or reunited with old friends?
x3 Were you ever in a hurry to grow up? How'd that work out?
x4 What did you tend to think of school, as a kid? As a teen?
x5 Do people have to earn your respect?
x6 Or is it given until there's a reason for it not to be?
x7 What is something you've learned about trust?
x8 What advice do you have regarding happiness?
x9 In your own opinion, what is the meaning of life?
x1o Who|What makes living worthwhile?
x11 If there was no God, would you still want to live?
x12 When was the last time you altered your lifestyle?
x13 What is your take on getting older?
x14 Do you think you are wise?
x15 Do you believe in an afterlife? Why|Why not?
x1 Do you ever observe other people, at random?
x2 What is one thought you have about society today?
x3 Can you agree to disagree, easily?
x4 Do you ever wonder about what goes on in other peoples' minds?
x5 Do you try to persuade others to think like you?
x6 Has someone tried to persuade you to see things from their point of view
x7 What is one lifestyle you do not understand?
x8 How do you think people with mental disorders ...
should be treated ( socially, not medically )?
x9 Is there a subculture you dislike or make fun of?
x1o What do you hate about humanity?
x11 Do you contribute to what you hate? If yes, in what way?
x12 Do you wonder what the world would be like w|o people?
x13 Is interacting with others something you enjoy?
14 Do you think the government is up to something?
x15 What is one cure for ignorance?