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Author: egooverdose
Created: September 12, 2009
Taken: 139 times
Rated: PG

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this endless existence, poignant and profound;

Created by egooverdose and taken 139 times on Bzoink
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x1 Have you ever trespassed?
x2 Would you care if your friends were into alcohol or drugs?
x3 What if it was your parents that were drinking|drugging excessively?
x4 Do you tell your parents where you are going?
x5 What is the first site you check when you get online, generally?
x6 How much time have you spent online today?
x7 How can someone else make you feel bad?
x8 What makes you feel good?
x9 Can you give a good back massage?
x1o Do you enjoy getting massages?
x11 Did you ever mix up the words "message" & "massage"?
x12 Are there any other words you get mixed up?
x13 Are you good at creative writing assignments?
x14 Or would you rather just do an informative essay?
x15 What does "freedom" mean to you?
x16 If you could design a government to rule society, ...
what traits would it have?
x17 Do you agree with the notion that all people were created equal?
x18 Do you think women should hold open doors for men, too?
x19 Would you want a sensitive man? Why or why not?
x2o Are you more attracted to the badasses, or the goody-goody types?
x21 What class has given you the most trouble this year?
x22 Do you raise your hand or participate in class?
x23 What is something BIG you want to do with your life?
x24 Would you ever spend the night in a treehouse?
x25 What do you think of people who own wild animals?
x26 Make up a 'quote' based on your morals and beliefs?
x27 If a book was written about your life, what would be in the summary?
x28 Are you good at explaining things, in general?
x29 If your friend had a drug-problem would you abandon them?
x3o Has a friendship ever ended over similar reasons?
x31 If your house burned down, where would you have to go?
x32 Do you like visiting the mall? Why or why not?
x33 Do you like window shopping? Why or why not?
x34 Have you ever purposely hurt an animal?
x35 What do you think of girls who cheat? Guys?
x36 Would you ever see a therapist?
x37 What do you think of people that do?
x38 Where would you go out to dinner for a big celebration?
x39 Who would you invite to your next B-day?
x4o Do you mind lending money to your friends?
x41 Does anyone mooch off of you? Is this annoying?
x42 What, to you, is the best part of traveling?
x43 Do you like to try new things? Why or why not?
x44 If you lost your job|home &etc, who would likely help you?
x45 Does it bother you if someone talks bad about you?