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Author: shelbyloveshayden
Created: September 13, 2009
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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a mix of various q's.

Created by shelbyloveshayden and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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-whats your name?
-how old are you?
-whens your birthday?
-are you parents divorced/married/dating..etc?
-any siblings?
-if so,how many?
-who are you closer to,mom or dad?
-name 4 close friends:
-who do you hangout with more?
-who's funniest?
-who's the youngest out of the four?
-which lives closest?
-if taken,who by?
-do you love them?
*this or that*
-rap or rock?
-pepper or salt?
-orange or red?
-milkshake or smoothie?
-winter or summer?
-eat or sleep?
-cheetos or fritos?
*true or false*
-your short:
-you like pink:
-you eat more fruits than veggies:
-your still in highschool:
-you still live with your parents:
-you have a brother:
-you've been to jail:
-you like rollercoasters:
*have you ever*
-been to florida?
-been to kansas?
-watched dora the explorer?
-skipped school when you werent even sick?
-kissed someone?
-been fishing?
-seen a flying star?
*would you rather*
-get shot or be stabbed?
-get your eyebrow or your tounge pierced?
-own a duck or a goat?
-learn to play the guitar or the drums?
-be hot or cold?
*can you*
-tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tounge?
-play any instrument?
-do pushups?
-stay out past 10pm?
*random stuff*
-what do you like to eat for breakfast?
-what do you wanna be when you grow up?
-when will/did you graduate highschool?
-will you copy and repost this for other people to take?