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Author: xmusicdudettex
Created: September 26, 2009
Taken: 93 times
Rated: PG

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I Lie In Bed To The Sound Of The Wolves At My Door.

Created by xmusicdudettex and taken 93 times on Bzoink
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Because we all have hells.
How many people close to you have passed away?
Did you ever have the wild experience of having insane nextdoor neighbors?
Have you ever been taken to the emergency room or urgent care? If so, why?
Have you ever had to visit anyone in the hospital?
Have you ever had any near-death experiences?
What are your fears?
How well do you manage under stressful situations?
Do you tend to bottle things up inside or can you open up?
What is the most pain (physical, mental, emotional) you've ever felt?
Have your past experiences changed you as a person?
Do you believe that you can grow from your past experiences?
What is the longest time you've spent crying?
How do you relieve your negative feelings?
Have you ever had to deal with suicide in any way, shape, or form?
Has anyone ever broken your trust?
If so, did it damage your ability to trust anyone at all?
Have you ever been stolen from?
Have you ever grown apart from someone?
Have you ever had a best friend move away?
Are you generally a happy, sad, mad, or apethetic person?
Have you ever been in a fight?
Did you ever run away from home?
Do you have any unstable or rocky relationships with anyone?
Have you ever had to cut someone out of your life for your own good?
Have you ever had to call 911? If you'd like to share the story, feel free.
Have you ever been seriously threatened?
Have you ever had any serious injuries?
Has anything you've ever been through changed you negatively?
Have you ever been in the hospital? If so, what for?
What is the longest you have been sick for?
Are you ready to reclaim your life and take back what's yours?