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Author: fullstop
Created: October 1, 2009
Taken: 320 times
Rated: PG

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For all the girls that have a crush on a GUY Friend :)

Created by fullstop and taken 320 times on Bzoink
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So whats his name?
Do you like it?
How long have you been friends with him for?
How long have you liked him for?
Is he your best guy friend or just a friend?
Do you think he likes you back?
Does he even know you like him?
if so, how did he find out?
If not, do you think that if he found out it would make things awkward?
How/Where did you meet him?
Does he have nice eyes? What color?
What about his hair?
How much out of 100 would you say you like him? (100 being the highest)
Do you think you'll ever end up in a relationship?
What's his body like?
Is he smart or not so much?
Can he play an instrument?
If so, what? and is he good at it?
Any other special talents?
Do you talk on the phone often?
Have you met his family?
Has he met your family?
Has anyone ever said you should hook up with him ;)?
Are his friends nice?
Have you ever been to his house?
Has he been to yours?
Have you ever hugged?
Held Hands?
Is he a sporty guy or not so much?
What Makes you like him?
Does he have freckles?
Is he popular, average, or a dork :)?
Have you ever imagined your wedding with him?
Do you like his last name?
Is his handwriting messy or neat?
Can you remember the last dream you had, that had him in it?
Does your heart skip a beat when you see you have new txts/calls from him>?
Do you daydream about kissing him? ;)
Or have you actually kissed in real life?
What do you think his reaction would be if he found out you liked him?
Or if he already knows, what was his reaction when he found out?
Would you do anything for him?
Who else knows you like him?
Do you flirt with him much?