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Author: laurenpwns
Created: October 16, 2009
Taken: 315 times
Rated: G

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the sun is purged at it's highest peak, in the middle of the day.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 315 times on Bzoink
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What day would you consider the best day of your life? Why?
Do you listen to music simply for the melody or for the lyrics?
Is there a song out there that reminds you of a certain ex?
Are you addicted to anything dangerous? What exactly is that?
Do you faint at the sight of blood? Have you always been like that?
Would you ever consider becomming a prostitute or stripper?
Who would you consider your favorite stand-up comedian?
Has anyone ever mistaken you for a certain stereotype?
Where did you find the last survey you took/posted on Myspace?
What is the most visited website on your Internet window?
Do you like the daytime or the nighttime better? Why is this?
What was the first horror movie you ever saw? How old were you?
Would you say you're too experianced or too unexperianced for your age?
Do you normally like the dreams you have at night? Why?
Have you ever given up on someone completely before?
What is the color or your favorite hoodie at the time being?
Do you avoid the past of most people you meet?
Do you always try to make a good first impression with people?
What color is the door-facing in the room you're currently in?
How many windows are in the room you're in, if there are any?
Do you always voice your opinion to random people?
Are you related to the person you last talked to on the telephone?
Is your hair bad for getting static electricity in it, or not so much?
Do you ever steal the small children's candy on Halloween?
What is your favorite holiday of all-time? Why is this?
Do you think Freshman are too immature most of the time?
What is your favorite neon color? Ever buy nail polish that color?
Have you ever eaten a cotton ball before? What was it like?
Do you actually like the cell phone you have, or not so much?
What time is it where you are currently?
Has anyone ever gotten in your face completely bitching you out?
Do you ever make your own personal surveys for enjoyment?
Do you hate people who 'tYpE lIkE tHiS?' It annoys me.
Does it annoy you when people use too many emoticons when they're typing?
What kind of instant messaging system do you currently have?
Have you ever peeled paint off of a building? Was it hard to do?
When is the next time you'll hang out with a long-time friend?
Do you ever watch scary movies alone or are you too afraid to?
Has anyone ever mistaken you to be a member of the opposite sex?
Where is your favorite place to go to buy groceries? Why is this?
Do you ever watch soap operas? Which ones are your favorite?
Would you ever consider yourself over-dramatic?
Do you like to sing? Do you personally think you have a good singing voice?
Are you one of those creepers who is overly excited about Twilight?
How often do you text people? Who do you text the most?
Do you accept compliments easily, or not so much?
Have you ever gone hunting before? Do you think it's wrong?
What do you do when you see a stray animal on the side of the road?
What would you consider your second choice as a dream career?
Have you ever worn the same outfit two days in a row?
Are you a fan of soft pretzels? Do you like them with a lot of salt?
What color is the last pop can you drank out of?
Has someone ever spied on you from outside a window before?
Have you ever prank called the cops? I wouldn't suggest it.
Are you someone who always leaves the lights on in your room?
How many lamps are in your living room? What color are they?
Do you usually like surveys with a lot of questions or not so much?
What color is the chair you're currently sitting on?
How often would you say your computer freezes up?
What is your favorite color? Are your bedroom walls this color?
Do you ever listen to the band Death Cab For Cutie?
Would you consider yourself more indie or mainstream?
What is your favorite kind of soda? Do you call it soda or pop?
What is one word you could never properly pronounce?
Is there anyone you know who can never take a bad picture?
What is one game show you have the desire to be on or attend?
What color is your landline phone? Do you like this color?
Do you like to wear skirts? Do you prefer just denim or frilly fluffy ones?
Has anyone ever told you that you must have ADHD?
How many iPods or mp3 players have you had in your entire life?
Three of your favorite movies in the world:
What does it smell like in the room you're currently in?
What is the longest amount of time you've played video games consecutively?
Have you ever dated someone just because they put out?
Do you enjoy hugs or kisses more? Dont say both either.
When was the last time you got mad and broke something?
Do you have a laptop and a desktop or just one of those?
Would you say you're good at persuading people into things?
Are you missing anyone at this moment in time?
What day of the week is it? Is this your favorite day of the week?
Do you ever use cheats when you play video games?
What is a physical feature people compliment you on the most?
What is your current ringtone? When did you first hear that song?
Would you consider yourself a creative person?
Do you believe that a color can also have a certain smell?
When was the last time you fingerpainted with someone?
Would you rather it be summer right now, rather than fall?
How many people are currently on your contact list in your phone?
Do you sometimes give people false hope?
Where is somewhere you're excited to go in the next few days?
What color is your digital camera, if you have one?
Have you ever attempted to take pictures as 'photography?'
Has anyone, besides yourself, considered you as a failure?
When was the last time you took a picture with someone?
What is your favorite day of the year?
Does your family go 'all out' during the holidays?
What do you think of people who flirt too much with too many people?
What's your favorite kind of lunchmeat to put on a sandwich?
Do you get a lot of company at your house during the day?
Would you consider yourself to be a very playful person?
Would you prefer cold or warm weather? Why?
Do you enjoy being tickled, or does it ever make you angry?
What color are your favorite pair of jeans?
How often in a year do you go to the mall to get new clothes?
Have you ever won a trophy or medal for something you've done?
Honestly, do you think you're a good person?
Who was the last person to call you beautiful? What was your reaction?
How many people do you know who are currently pregnant?
Do you like watching old home videos of yourself?
When is a time when your whole family gets together and just hangs out?
When will you next see the person you love or are in love with?
Do you ever get paranoid about who your significant other hangs out with?
Are you someone who talks way too much for their health?
Do you make typos on the computer a lot? How often, actually?
What is your favorite international food? Why is it your favorite?
Do you eat fast food too much for your health, or not so much?
What is the color of the shirt you're currently wearing?
How old are you and what is your birthday?
Do you fully understand what it takes to be a best friend to someone?
Do you go to amusement parks a lot or not so much?