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Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: October 18, 2009
Taken: 209 times
Rated: G

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cookie dough icecream & diamond rings

Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 209 times on Bzoink
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Mhm well I was bored and you know the story...
oo1. Do you miss someone who you shouldn't right now?
oo2. Do you have any close friends that were adopted?
oo3. What time did you get up today?
oo4. If you could have any job/talent, what? (regardless if can or not)?
oo5. Who, in your opinion, is the best thriller writer?
oo6. Does your Mum eat meat?
oo7. Was your Dad ever in a sports team?
oo8. Do you like apple and cinnamon crumble?
oo9. What's the most interesting thing you've learned today?
o1o. Do you prefer thick or thin crusted pizza?
o11. Do you know anyone who is blind?
o12. Do you prefer monkeys or pigs?
o13. Have you ever had an eerie/paranormal experience? What happened?
I've had a few, they seriously are weird.
o14. Do you own every DVD boxset of your favourite show?
o15. Actually, what is that favourite show?
o16. Do you have any friends with the same name as you?
o17. How many people of the same name as you have you ever met?
o18. What day of the month were you born on? Has this number occured alot?
o19. How often do you see your best friend?
o2o. Do you like cookie dough icecream?
I just had some :P. Are you jealous?
o21. Do you like incense or does it give you headaches?
o22. What sitcoms do you watch?
o23. Do you find Tigers beautiful?
o24. I don't give up easily - is this you?
o25. Do you prefer to watch or attempt?
o26. What do you wish your national flag looked like?
o27. What time do you usually have a shower?
o28. Do you believe that people can be psychics?
o29. What is your most notable trait?
o3o. Are you proud of this trait, or ashamed?
o31. Do you like waterfalls?
o32. If you wrote a song about life right now, what'd it be called?
o33. If you wrote a novel about your whole life, what'd you call it?
o34. Who has the prettiest middle name you know?
How rude! Talking of names, mine is Stefanie. Call me Stef.
o35. So, what's your name?
o36. What'd be your name if you took your Mum's middle name?
o37. Would you rather be a farmer or engineer?
o38. A psychologist or a football coach?
o39. Do you shout when you're upset?
o4o. What colour is your favourite vegetable?
o41. Do you get more eye pain or back pain?
o42. When was your last hug?
o43. Describe your house to me:
o44. Why did you chose to wear what you're wearing today?
o45. Do you like banana milkshake?
I looove it! :)
o46. What do you have in your fruit salads?
o47. Do you have a calendar in your bedroom? What is on it?
o48. What colour is the sink in your bathroom?
o49. Are you hungry right now?
I am. It's all this talk about fruit salad and cookie dough :P.
o5o. Where was the last place you ate, except from home?
o51. What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
o52. Do you take any vitamins? Which ones?
o53. Do you get embarrassed easily?
o54. Do you prefer Lion Bars or Toffee Krisps?
o55. What do you feel guilty about right now?
o56. Have you ever lost something really precious to someone else?
o57. When was the last time you wore makeup?
o58. Do you live North, East, South or West?
College is West and home is South West :)
o59. Is the TV on in the room you're in? What's on?
o6o. Describe your city/town to me:
o61. Are you a fan of Kings of Leon?
o62. What do you think of the Lion King?
o63. Who makes you feel small/inferior?
o64. Are you protective of your family?
o65. Do you make friends easily, or do you keep to yourself?
o66. What's your best friends starsign?
o67. Do you have a little sister/brother?
I would find it really weird. Anyway... Moving on...
o68. Do you download films/tv shows?
o69. What size ring are you?
o7o. Do you like flip flops or do you find them annoying?
Annoying, definately.
Anyways, that's the end for now, hope you have had fun.
Rate honestly &have a good day <3