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Author: bombchellevox
Created: October 20, 2009
Taken: 158 times
Rated: PG

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original titles have eluded me once again.

Created by bombchellevox and taken 158 times on Bzoink
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[Have you ever gotten a flu vaccination?]
[Do you know anyone who drives a BMW?]
[Honestly, do you give a sh*t?]
[When's the last time you hugged your mother?]
[What's the last restaurant you ate at?]
[Doubledates: a do or don't?]
[Do you know any guitarists?]
[Quick, name 3 of your favorite radio stations:]
[What's your opinion on indie-rock?]
[Is 'grunge' back?]
[How do you feel about full length beards?]
[Have you ever been to a circus?]
[Do you know anyone who's gone to a Fat Camp?]
[Are you straight-edge?]
[Do you use Myspace IM everyday?]
[How many surveys have you done already today?]
[Has anyone ever told you that you post too many myspace bulletins?]
[Are wool sweaters itchy or comfortable?]
[Have you ever watched Wallace and Grommet? Did you like it?]
[What's the WORST show on Adult Swim?]
[Do you have any relatives that have shunned you, or vice versa?]
[Has anyone ever posted a HORRIBLE picture of you for everyone to see?]
[Which grade in school was the most fun for you?]
[Is Facebook like a snobbier version of Myspace?]
[Which would you rather have, a new puppy or kitten?]
[Would you rather donate to help sick kids or help abused animals?]
[Does drama seem to follow you everywhere you go?]
[Do you ever just want to go away to a new place where no one knows you?]
[Do you find Ronald Mcdonald creepy?]
[You're ordering a pizza, you can have any kind of toppings, what are they?
[Do you hit 'quiet' or 'ignore' on your cell? Which one usually?]
[Do you ever regret giving your number to people?]
[Have you ever been told that you're afraid of your own shadow?]
[Have you ever tried Gouda cheese?]
[Does/did your high school have pop machines?]
[Do you use a public computer, or do you have your own?]
[Do you ever find it odd how you type LOL when you're not really laughing?]
[Have you ever gambled?]
[Do you know anyone who's won the lottery?]
[If you could work at any retail store, which one would it be?]
[What's the shortest you would ever cut your hair?]
[Do you have any x's in your screenname?]
[Do you listen to any deathcore?]
[Do you subscribe to any teen magazines? Which ones?]
[Are you insane in the membrane?]
[Do you know someone who never smiles?]
[Has anyone ever made you feel uncomfortable at work?]
[Are sequels usually never as good as the originals?]
[Do you still watch South Park?]
[Tell me one movie you've seen recentley that sucked:]
[Have you ever carved something into a dinner booth somewhere?]
[When's the last time you were carded at a bar?]
[Do you smoke little cigars? Have you ever tried them?]
[You're babysitting, what do you expect per hour for pay?]
[What's one off the wall band that you just adore?]
[What's the last thing you returned at a store?]
[What's the name of the last cat you pet?]
[Do you still look at clouds and make shapes of them?]
[If you had to dye your hair for one year, what color would you pick?]
[Who's got your heart?