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Author: dinosauramanda
Created: October 21, 2009
Taken: 243 times
Rated: G

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Don't try to fix me I'm not broken

Created by dinosauramanda and taken 243 times on Bzoink
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Was your childhood wasted by something?
Would you rather die during an adventure or die like a normal person?
Have your parents ever put you on a diet?
Have your parents ever tried to commit suicide?
Do you have a gag reflex?
Do you ever fantasize about trying drugs?
Have you ever put gum in someone's hair?
Would you rather have sex before you're married or wait till marriage?
Have you ever not gone to school, just because?
Do you know anyone who can play the bagpipes?
Have you ever let someone hit you?
Do you own a hand warmer?
Do you have friends in other states/countries?
Do you ever pay attention during church?
Do you have self control?
Have you ever broke a window?
When was the last time you freaked someone out?
Have you ever gone on a date with a weirdo?
Who's the last person you called a bitch?
Do you drink kool-aid?
Have you ever dropped something hot on your foot?
Do you watch porn?
Have you ever missed someone you hated?
Is anyone in your family disabled?
What do you want for Christmas?
How many moles do you have?
Do you make your bed everyday?
Do you know how to ride a bike?
Do you own any comic books?
What is the nastiest dare you have ever committed?
Do you know anyone who has been raped?
Are you an atheist?
Have you ever owned a goldfish?
Who was the last person to call you beautiful?
How many times have you been stung by a bee?
What was the last flavor of gum you chewed?
When was the last time you used tape?
When was the last time you said fuck?
Have you ever stolen something?
What's the last movie you watched?
Who's the last person you watched a movie with?
Where were you yesterday at 5 PM?
Who would you like to kiss right now?
When was the last time you had tic tacs?
When was the last time you ate chicken?
Who was the last person you told to 'Shut the fuck up' to?
Why were you last nervous?
Whose pants did you last take off?
When was the last time you were disturbed?
Why did you last feel awkward?
When was the last time you got in a fight with your best friend?
Have you ever asked someone for a tampon?
What was the last book you read?
Who was the last person you read a book to?
Who is the person you say the most naughtiest things to?
Who was the last person to send you a letter?
How do you feel about war?
Do you like cupcakes or muffins more?
Have you ever pushed someone on purpose?
Have you ever slapped someone in the face?