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Author: fredpen
Created: October 25, 2009
Taken: 115 times
Rated: G

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Created by fredpen and taken 115 times on Bzoink
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Who are some of the most important people to you?
Do you ever wish you could go back in time?
Have you ever lost someone important to you?
What are you listening to right now?
How many siblings do you have?
Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
What are your plans for today?
What irritates you the most?
What makes you happy?
Are you happy with the way your life is going right now?
Person to text you:
Person you texted:
Reason you laughed:
Time you cried:
Thing you ate:
Movie you saw:
Place you went:
Person you IMed:
Person who told you they loved you:
Person you said "I love you" to:
Person you hugged:
Thing you said:
Who do you go to when you're upset?
Who is/are your best friend(s)?
Who makes you laugh the most?
Who have you known the longest?
Which of your friends always knows how to make you happy?
Which of your friends do you tell everything to?
Which of your friends do you see the most?
...The least?
Place to go when you feel down:
Subject in school: