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Author: yolotli
Created: October 31, 2009
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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we laugh and cry, but don't ask why ;;

Created by yolotli and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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what's your name?
do you like sharpies?
do you rip tabs off of soda cans?
do you crack your fingers?
do you like horror movies?
are your eyes brown?
do you like the smell of cherries?
do you like the beach?
what's your earliest memory?
are you allergic to peanut butter?
do you carry pepper spray in your purse?
are you a cat person?
do you listen to classical music?
who's your celebrity crush?
have you ever kicked a guy where it hurts?
have you ever been to a wedding?
do you like writing essays?
are you a bookworm?
do you use an iPod or CD player?
is it soda or pop?
are your parents together?
what's your favorite kind of cheese?
do you have a credit card?
what can you grab from where you're sitting?
how many cousins do you have?
do you like writing on post-it-notes?
do you know any prayers?
do you know how to make a paper crane?
do you play any instruments?
do you talk to plants?
have you ever gone skydiving?
do you want to visit niagara falls?
do you eat your veggies?
do you like shiny things?
have you met any celebrities?
do you have asthma?
what kind of shoes do you like?
do you circle stuff you want in catalogues?
have you ever baked a cake?
do you take dance lessons?
are you in a relationship?
have you ever seen a ghost?
do you get chapped lips in winter?
do you believe in god?
are your parents from a different country?
where do you get your news from?
do you have your driver's license?
have you ever saved someone's life?
do you tell your parents you love them?
do you like to catch fireflies?
do you know how to swim?
do you like bookstores?
did you like this survey?