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Author: vanillafire007
Created: November 5, 2009
Taken: 365 times
Rated: PG

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iPod Shuffle (First 10)

Created by vanillafire007 and taken 365 times on Bzoink
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Get your iPod on shuffle and write the first ten songs and the artist
Okay, here we go
What genre is song 5?
What is the 10th word in song 3?
Have you ever had song 9 stuck in your head?
Would song 1 be a good song to play at a wedding?
Is song 10 sung by a man or woman?
How long is song 6?
Is song 7 one of your favortie songs?
Does the sing in song 2 have a high or low voice?
Have you ever heard song 4 on the radio?
What mood does song 8 put you in?
Is song 3 well known?
Have you ever sang song 10 in the shower?
What's your favorite line in song 2?
Does song 9 have any cuss words?
Who's the lead singer in song 5?
Has anyone ever sang song 1 around you?
What's song 8 about?
What do you think of when you hear song 6?
Could you fall asleep to song 4?
Does song 7 have weird lyrics?
Do your parents know song 5?
Have you ever made fun of song 3?
Is song 8 a good running song?
Does song 1 have the word "maybe" in it?
Does song 4 remind you of someone?
Does song 10 have any guitar in it?
Would song 6 be a good party song?
Have you ever danced to song 2?
Would you be able to live without hearing song 7 again?
Would it be amazing if someone sang song 9 to you?
Thanks for taking my survey! :P