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Author: dumpweed2maniac
Created: November 6, 2009
Taken: 113 times
Rated: PG

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smearing sin everywhere

Created by dumpweed2maniac and taken 113 times on Bzoink
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What time is it?
Could/would you kiss the last person you thought about?
How long has it been since you drank something?
What would you like to have currently?
So, how has your day been so far?
Is the weather enjoyable?
Do you have any pets?
What was the last homework assignment you completed?
Are you hungry?
When were you last with someone?
What color is your hair?
Are you a firm believer in karma?
The last person you kissed was?
Could you marry the last person you talked to?
Do you like hot chocolate?
Are there only certain people you will go out of your way for?
Do you think your ex ever loved you?
Has anyone ever broke a pinky promise with you?
What city were you born in?
Have you ever had a filling?
Should tattoo's be meaningful?
Do you usually go after what you want?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Do you certain times of the year remind you of certain people?
What color was the last thing you ate?
List three things you wish you had:
The last text you have is from who?
Are there any negative points to being in a relationship?
Is there anything that your "about" to go do?
What is the longest you've dated someone?
Have you ever told someone how you truly felt about them?
Have you ever been through a trap door?
What has made you smile most today?
The last time you went to a funeral?
Is family important to you?
What the most recent good news you've heard?
Do you wish it were summer?
Would you hug your bf/gf's best friend?
Are you craving anything?
Who was the last person in your family to have a baby?
When did you last drink alcohol?
Now..what are you going to do?