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Author: kaybee-x18
Created: November 8, 2009
Taken: 1,005 times
Rated: PG

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Created by kaybee-x18 and taken 1005 times on Bzoink
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Who was the last person you kissed?
Do you think you could forgive someone for cheating on you?
How long have you been in your current relationship?
Do you still talk to the person who hurt you the most in life?
Who's the last person you sent a friend request to?
Do you trust people easily?
Do you currently have a lot of drama in your life?
Who's the last person you kissed on the cheek?
Is anyone in your family a criminal?
Do you think your attractive?
Are you currently stressed out about anything?
Do you know anyone that's a stripper?
Who's the most sarcastic person you know?
Who was the last person you told to shut up?
Who do you miss the most right now?
What was the last thing you lied to your mother about?
Do you believe in giving second chances?
Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?
Is anyone angry with you at the moment?
What's the last song you heard?
Can you quote a song lyric from it?
Name a song that reminds you of a past relationship:
Is there anyone in this world you would do absolutely anything for?
Do you still talk to any of your ex's?
Do you like the color of your eyes?
Who's the last person that sent you a message on myspace?
How are you feeling right now?
Do you think anyone hates you?
What do you think your last ex would say about you?
When you say you love someone, do you mean it?
Do you still talk to the first person you fell in love with?
What's one thing you recently learned?
Are you going to have a baby by the time your 18?
Do you avoid certain people at school or work?
Does anyone like you right now that you know of?
Would you ever fake your own death?
Do you know anyone that was molested as a child?
Have you ever kissed anyone that was the same sex as you?
Do you still want the last person that hurt you to have a happy life?
Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?
Why did your last relationship end?
What would make your life complete right now?
Would you ever marry someone who could not have children?
Do people compliment you often?
What's one thing you like about the person your thinking about right now?
Are you talking to anyone right now?
Do you have any friends that are pregnant?
Are you in love with someone right now?
What's the last thing you stole?
What's a curse word you use often?
Is a broken heart as bad as it sounds?
Would you ever get plastic surgery?
Have you ever ran away from home?
Do you know anyone that's ever been raped?
Would you ever kill someone?
Do you ever feel lonely?
How long did it take you to get over your last heartbreak?
Have a lot of people betrayed you?
Do you believe in God?
Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Do you tend to wear your heart out on your sleeve?
How many unread messages are in your Myspace inbox?
Do you know anyone that looks up to you?
Which one of your friends is always serious?
Are there any people in your life that you wish you never met?
If you could get any tattoo, what would you get?
Are you happy with the person you are?
Do people think your a bad person?
Do they also think that your a slut?
Are you with the last person you kissed?
Have you ever wanted to just run away and start over?
Have you ever been punched?
How many people do you know that have been to jail?
Have you ever given out your cell number and then later regretted it?
Was your last kiss a mistake?
Are you a tease?
Do you love your best friend?
Do you find the opposite sex confusing?
Do you usually end up losing in the game of love?
What's one sterotype you think you fit perfectly into?
Do you know anyone that sells drugs?
Do you know anyone that does drugs?
Do you care about what's happening in other countries?
Does anyone think your emo?
Do you get annoyed easily?
Do you consider yourself high maitenence?
Are you faithful in relationships?
Do you think you have a pretty good reputation?
Would you ever intentionally and physically hurt someone?
Would you rather date someone who sold drugs or used drugs?