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Author: 11eem96
Created: November 9, 2009
Taken: 80 times
Rated: G

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Created by 11eem96 and taken 80 times on Bzoink
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how many people do you text?
do you text more people or do more people text you?
Do you text mostly the same or opposite texts?
Would you say yes to someone who asked you out in a text?
Do you text your parents?
aunts or uncles?
do you forward text chain letters?
Have you ever gone over on a texting plan?
Can you text without looking?
Do you have a phone with a full keyboard to make texting easier?
What's the first name of the last person that texted you?
the last person you texted?
do you ever call anyone?
Do you use texting lingo
have you ever taught anyone to text?
have you ever used texting to cheat on a test?
do you text during school/work?
do you think texting took over the universe?
Do you like texting or email better?
favorite thing to text?
ever send a picture message?
if so what was the last picture you sent of?
have you ever texted a radio station or other company?
ever text anyone that you had never met before?
Do you text everyone in your contacts?
Ever text anyone alot older or younger than you?
how much older?
how much younger?
full keyboard or number keyboard?
texting or calling?
texting or eating?
how often do you text?
do you text during dinner?
have you ever been repremanded for texting?
is your phone always on?
would you ever ask anyone out or break up with them in a text?
would/have you said yes to someone asking you out through a text?
have you ever texted anyone in the same room as you?
at the same table?
right next to you?
have you ever texted someone that was near you so no one else would hear?
How long was the longest texting conversation that you've had?
Do you text back to numbers that you don't recognize?