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Author: samanthaaa
Created: November 23, 2009
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Created by samanthaaa and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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are you ready?
what your favorite color?
how old are you?
when your birthday?
are you single?
if not who are you taken bye?
are you in love?
do you want to get married?
whose your bestfrend?
whose your worst enemy?
do you use the saying keep your frends close your enemys closer?
do you like drama?
do you have drama?
what is your hair color?
who do you hate?
why do you hate them?
yahoo or hotmail?
myspace or facebook?
love or hate?
life or death?
pretty or ugly?
skinny or fat?
are you skinny?
do you like your life?
are you happy?
if you could take somthing back, would you?
who do you think you hert the most?
why did you brake up with your last boyfrend?
do you like this servey?
have you taken a shower today?
what time is it?
talk or text?
cell phone or family?
computer or tv?
cherry or watermellon?
cowboys or C-Bears?
favorite song?
dream guy?
love of your life?
favorite number?
are you haveing fun?
how many times have you taken this servey?
where did you get this servey?
are you mad?
babe or baby?
what do you think love is?
do you smoke?
are you a virgin?
how many boys have you kissed?