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Author: omgstory
Created: November 25, 2009
Taken: 24 times
Rated: G

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Last Farewell

Created by omgstory and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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Are you sick of the same questions for different notes?
Well, are you ready for some actually good questions?
Great! Let's get started, shall we?
So tell us what's going to happen in a few days :].
Oh, i see. interesting! Wanting to see someone special?
What's the worst book you've read in school?
Who was it by?
Glad to know. You don't hate reading in general, do you?
I should stick a post it on your head if you don't like reading.
Care for a post it?
Hey! Let's play 20 questions!
Okay so 1. What was the weirdest dream you've ever had?
Haha, wow! 2. What would you do if you found a dead snake in your room?
Oh jee. 3. Ever considered crossdressing?
Interesting answer. 4. What's the weirdest food you have ever eaten?
5. Have you ever talked to a character on tv?
I do that... 6. Gettting sick and tired of this?
Well, too bad! I'm only on 7. what's the worst game you've ever played?
8. Do you have any bad habits?
Better get it fixed ! 9. What do you not do on your free time?
Do that more often :] 10. Half way with 20 questions! Happy?
I'm happy too. It's hard thinking of these! 11. Thinking of someone, righ
Mm, love~ 12. What is it to you? Love, I mean.
Well, good to know! 13. What's the stupidest lie you have ever told?
Haha! nice one! 14. Who texts you the most?
Tell him/her I said hi! 15. Have you ever said an object was cute?
I did :D 16. Which chat word bothers you? Like, b4 or l8er.
I hate chat language in general. 17. What color would you be?
I would be GREEN! 18. What do you love the most about your life?
That's cool ;] 19. What do you hate the most about your life?
Awh, poor thing. 20. Wanna say a shout out?
So we're on Q 32 right now. Excited?
Who are you thinking of right now?
Is that person special to you?
Sweet :] What's the weirdest thing you've done with that person?
That's pretty weird. Any pictures of him/her?
Oo, Stalker! Have you stalked this person before?
Has that person stalked you?
Are you thinking of a different person now?
Too bad I'm not going to ask questions about that person now.
Do you remember your first teddy bear?
Who gave it to you?
When did you get it?
Do you still have it?
What did you name it?
Awh, cute. What about your first diary?
Read anything awkwardly strange in them?
We're all idiots as kids. Don't you agree?
So how's life for you right now?
Anything interesting going on here?
Do you mind if I skip to a different topic?
What's the best thing to do during summer?
Don't you love the beach?
Ever caught hermit crabs?
How about fun stuff in spring?
Do you have allergies?
I don't! Have you ever made those flower crowns?
So let's skip to fall!
Do you rake the leaves up and jump in them?
Don't you think the colors are so pretty?
Too bad everything's dying, right?
So that brings us to winter~
I love the snow! Don't you?
Champion of Snowball fights?
Do you make snowmen?
I betcha you go sledding too, right?
Who wants a nice cup of hot chocolate?
Doesn't this make you want to watch a movie?
What's the most recent movie you've seen in theatres?
Wanna give us a review?
Oh, I see. Do you think I should go watch it?
Maybe I will. Hung out with friends lately?
What'd you do?
Hey, fun! How often do you hang out with friends?
Speaking of friends, who'd you hang out with?
Who's the last person to call you that's not family?
What was the last text about?
Any drama in your life?
Oh fun. Did you cause it?
Haha. have fun with your drama! this is the end