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Author: laurenpwns
Created: November 26, 2009
Taken: 146 times
Rated: G

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her dignity, shown so bright like a light on a hill.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 146 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a querty keyboard on your cell phone or just regular numbers?
What is your favorite kind of candy you can get most everywhere?
Is there someone in your life you'd never want to lose; ever?
Do you ever use lyrics to explain how you're currently feeling?
When was the last time you got your hair cut? How much did you get cut off?
Do you steal surveys for Myspace or just take them on here?
Do you ever eat leftovers after Thanksgiving dinner?
Why exactly do you like your favorite band?
Are the rumors people have spread about you in life true?
Do you ever take photography just to out-do someone else's?
Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders?
Do you cause most of the fights you're involved in?
Does love truly always feel like a battlefield, in your opinion?
Have you ever played the game Singstar? Which ones?
Is there anyone out there who gives you butterflies in your stomach?
What college do you plan on going to, if you dont already?
When will you next venture to the movies at night with someone?
Where do you and your significant other hang out the most?
How many songs are on your iPod, if you have one anyway?
How many presents do you normally get around Christmas time?
Have you ever been sooo determined to make someone smile?
How often do you shave? (legs, underarms, etc.)
If I asked your best friend, would he/she say you're a clean person?
What color are the walls in the room you're currently in?
Has someone ever acted like they were your friend? What for?
What do you normally eat when it's lunchtime at your school?
Has someone you love ever told you they hate you?
Ever have a crush on someone who's the exact opposite of you?
Do you ever watch the show Cake Boss on TLC?
Is anyone in your family a firefighter? What about a policeman?
Do you normally care about the people you dont know?
Would you say it's hard to get over significant others for you?
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? What color is it?
Name one of your favorite lyrics from your favorite songs?
Do you ever buy CD's anymore? Or do you just download songs from the i-net?
Do you like watching those Independent Fim Festival movies?
If you were having a child and it was a boy, what would you name it?
Do you ever go to church? What's your religion?
Has anyone ever called you the cutest person they've ever met?
Are you someone who's really close to nature?
What time is it exactly where you live? Is this the right time?
Do you ever take your picture from an angle on purpose?
Have you or would you ever dye your hair a color of maroon/red?
Do you ever use cheats while playing video games?
Do you have a low or high singing voice most of the time?
What is your favorite Mexican food?
Does the idea of European History excite you? Even in the slightest?
Ever like a song, listen to the lyrics, then not like it anymore?
Would you ever walk underneath the stars with the person you love?
What did you eat for dinner tonight, wherever you were?
Do you ever watch Project Runway? Is it one of your favorite shows?
Do you watch more television or stay on the internet?
When did you find out that Santa actually wasn't real?
Is the last person you talked to, a really immature person?
Do your parents lie to you rather often?
Who is the person who currently cuts your hair? Do they do a good job?
Dont you hate it when peopel dont text you back at all?
Where is the person you currently love at?
Do you ever drink tea? Which is better; iced tea or hot tea?
What is your skin color?