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Author: h3l3nnxox
Created: November 26, 2009
Taken: 161 times
Rated: G

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Created by h3l3nnxox and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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whats your favorite lyric of the last song you listened to?
whats a quote from your favorite movie?
whats the most dangerous thing you\\\'ve ever done?
ever jumped off a bridge?
are your nails painted?
what color?
whats your favorite crayon color?
favorite MLIA story?
funniest textt in your inbox:
if the last person you kissed asked you to marry them you\\\'d say:
favorite commercial?
most annoying commercial?
facebook or myspace?
how tall are you?
whats your biggest pet peve?
why do people like edward cullen so much?
whats the last website you visited?
go to your ipod/itunes and click shuffle, what song did you get?
do different waters taste differently?
if you could change one thing (physical) about yourself what would it be?
stupidest show on tv?
when i say sharpies you think of:
cats or dogs?
favorite smiley?(:
lalalalalalalalalalalalala !
sorry. im just really bored
okay, what would you do if you found $1,000,000?
then realized it was a dream?
what do you day dream about?
weirdest dream?
favorite youtuber?
isnt shane dawson wickeddd funny?(:
what celeb do you want to marrrry?
what do you think of people whooo useee extraaa letterrrsss? :D
if you could get a tattoo would you?
^if yes, where? and what of?
would you tattoo someone you loves name on your body?
any piercings?
any tattoos?
your opinion on miley cyrus:
favorite flower?
isnt it annoying when girls say "LEGITTT." ?
i love youu.