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Author: egooverdose
Created: November 26, 2009
Taken: 215 times
Rated: PG

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You can hurt me as much as you want to, but you give me a chance to do it to myself.

Created by egooverdose and taken 215 times on Bzoink
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When you are upset, what works best to calm you down?
Describe a defining event in your life. How did it change you?
What do you think of those who bash Twilight nonstop?
^ Do you think the romance represented in this book is unhealthy?
^ What other books represent unhealthy relationships that you have read?
You catch your boyfriend cheating; what do you tell him?
If someone caught your bf/gf cheating, would you want them to tell you?
^ Would you tell the other person if the situation was reversed? why?
Does the music to which you listen reflect your moods? In what way?
^ When are you most likely to listen to music?
Do you treat people differently based on the clothes they wear?
^ Do you think people treat you differently based on what you wear?
Describe a time in life when you felt out of control. Have things changed?
Do you know anyone with alcoholic parents?
Are you thankful for your biological parents? In what ways?
Who has contributed to helping you to get where you are today?
Are you comfortable conversing with strangers? Why or why not?
Are you afraid people will judge you by your survey answers?
^ If so, do you ever hold back from saying what you really want to say?
^ Do you ever judge others by their answers? In what ways?
You find 1ooo dollars slipped under your door; what do you do with it?
In general, what do you think of incest?
^ How about homosexuality/bisexuality?
^ Or those that are transgendered?
Have you ever had to block anyone online? Why was this?
How was your Thanksgiving?
^ Was it better or worse than last year's?
Would you be friends with someone if they smoked pot?
If you smoke, would you be friends with someone who did not?
Describe an ornament that is/will be on your X-mas tree?
What is one part of Christmas that you loathe?
When was the last time that you updated your Bzoink icon?
^ Do you pay attention to things like that?
Do you know how many words per minute you can type?
How long did it take you to learn to type as you do now?
Name your favorite country and one fact about it.
Describe the last person that held your hand.
How often would you say you lose your temper?
^ What makes you lose it the most?
^ Have you ever hurt anyone under those conditions?
What do you think of blonde jokes?
^ What about racist jokes? Have you ever told one?
What do you think when you see teens trick or treating?
How old do you think is too old to still believe in Santa?
What is one thing you feel no one understands about you?
What is something you wish no one would notice about you?
Have you ever had to deal with discrimination? In what way?
Who do you think has it harder: whites or blacks? Why?
If the world WAS going to end in 2o12, how would your priorities change?
Does the last song to which you listened mean anything special?
^ To you, what are that song's most meaningful lyrics?
If you were alive for it, would you have gone to Woodstock?
^ Why or why not? Which performance would have been your favorite?
What three television channels do you watch most often?
Which foreign culture fascinates you the most?
^ Can you imitate the accent of their region/language?
^ What accents can you imitate?
^ Would you ever want to learn a foreign language?
Describe a time when you skipped school.
Who is someone you wish you better understood?
^ Is there a reason for this?