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Author: laurenpwns
Created: November 27, 2009
Taken: 728 times
Rated: G

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dont let the days go by, could've been easier on you (boyfriend survey)

Created by laurenpwns and taken 728 times on Bzoink
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Who is this person you call your boyfriend?
Tell me about him; age, height, skin color, body type, stereotype?
What color eyes does he have? Do you like this color?
What color is his hair? Is it the same color as your's?
Do you like his looks or personality better?
What is the color he wears most in his wardrobe?
Does he have a higher or a deeper voice?
Is he too skinny, too fat, or just right; in your opinion?
Does he have any piercings or tattoos of any kind?
Do you approve of him getting more of those if he has them already?
Do many girls think he's attractive or do they not have interest in him?
Does he belong to the bad boy, artist, over-achiever, etc. persona?
Do you ever lie to him when you say he looks cute, adorable, etc?
Does he have a better smile or nice eyes?
Is he taller than you? Does he weigh more than you do?
Where does he get the majority of the clothes he wears?
Do many people stereotype him? What do they label him as anyway?
Is he muscular? If so, do you like him this way?
Do you know if he's ever had braces before? Does he have them now?
Describe his hairstyle to me:
What would you say is the best quality in his personality?
Is he sweet to you most of the time, or is he mean towards you?
Use three adjectives to describe his personality:
Is he sweet? Caring? Thoughtful? Deep? Honest? Emotional? Mean?
Does he ever go out drinking? Is this something you're concerned about?
Does he have any nasty habits? What are they?
If you had to choose an emotion to describe him, what would it be?
Is he more spontaneous or romantic?
Is he more serious or funny?
Does he ever really open up emotionally to you? Is he that way to everyone?
When he buys you something, is it more of a value or thought concept?
Does he ever take you to sweet and romantic places?
Was he ever mean at you at some point?
Does he truly care about how you feel and what you have to say?
Does he listen to you often or does he tune you out?
Is he usually more optomist or pessimistic?
Does he intentionally try to hurt your feelings? Do you know why he does it
Does he ever play around with your mind?
Does he treat you like you're royalty?
Does he have the ability to kill you emotionally?
When did you two begin dating anyways?
Did he ask you out or were you the one who asked him out?
How long had you two known each other before you started dating?
Was it love at first sight, or do you even believe in that stuff?
How long had you had a crush on him before you started dating?
Did he/you say yes automatically, or what it a 'I'll think about it' thing?
When did you two first kiss?
Had you all kissed before you actually officially started dating?
When was your first date and where was it at?
Do you all ever still go on dates to this place?
Does he ever hold you hand in public, or do you all avoid this?
Are you all into the 'public display of affection' thing?
Does he walk around with his arm around your waist?
When you all are kissing, does he ever play with your hair?
Does he ever intentionally try to embarass you?
Have you all ever done anything sexual before? How often do you do it?
Were either one of you a virgin before ou met each other?
Are you both virgins now, or have you all had sex before?
Is this relationship more based on love or lust?
Is there anything about him that you absolutely cannot stand?
When did he first kiss you?
Where did this kiss take place?
Are you two into the whole 'PDA' thing or is it not something you want?
Does he walk around with his arm around your waist sometimes?
Does he play with your hair when he kisses you sometimes?
Have you two ever had sex? Were you both virgins the first time?
Do you feel closer to him than anyone else you associate with?
Tell me exactly in detail how he makes you feel:
Could you ever see yourself living with him?
Do you two even live in the same town/go to the same school?
Would you say you're truly in love with this boy?
When did you start feeling this way about him, if you have before?
Have you ever kissed him underwater, in a tree or below the stars?
Have you two ever sat and watched a sunset or sunrise together?
Do you two share a lot of the same interests? Examples, please?
How often would you say he makes you cry, if he does at all in any way?
Has he ever written you a sweet note that made you cry happy tears?
Do you seriously think this relationship could last forever?
Is this really more than puppy love?
How often does he call you and how often do you call him?
Has he ever let you wear any of his clothes before? Which items?
If you go to school with him, do you two have any classes together?
Has he ever given you a hickey?
Have you ever given him one before?
Have you two ever been on a date to an amusement park?
When you watch movies together, does he hold you close in his arms?
Describe how he smells: Is it good or bad?
When your sad, broken down and crying, what does he do to comfort you?
Have you two ever shared food or a drink with one another?
Does he make you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach?
Would you say your love is completely cliche' or simple?
Has anyone ever accused you of being obsessed with him?
Do you two ever go to the movies? Do you just make out the whole time? Haha
Does he actually have the ability to make you laugh?
What would you say if your last dying words were to him?
Do you consider him a part of you?
How do his kisses make you feel?
Does he ever take up for you and defend you? (Like he should)
Would you say he's overbearing when it comes to protecting you?
What is the sweetest thing he's ever done towards you?
Do you all have a song that symbolizes your relationship? What is it?
Do you ever keep the notes he writes and things he makes you?
When was the last time you two hung out?
When is the next time you two will hang out?
Does he normally explain to you how much you mean to him?
Do people think your relationship is cute or immature and unnecessary?
Does he have any crazy ex's who are obsessed with him?
Do you have any crazy ex's who are still obsessed with you?
Have you two ever broken up before? How many times, to be exact?
Have you two ever had a pregnancy scare?
Do you two live with each other?
Do you two share most of the same friends/aquaintences?
Are you jealous of any girls in his life and is he jealous of any guys?
Has he ever said anything to you that just, made your heart melt?
Does he like the people you hang out with?
Do you like the people he hangs out with?
Has he ever spent the night at your house?
Have you ever spend the night at his house?
What is something you love most about him?
Could you see yourself one day marrying him?