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Author: vanillafire007
Created: November 30, 2009
Taken: 350 times
Rated: PG

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20 People You Know

Created by vanillafire007 and taken 350 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever met 8's parents?
What's 19's middle name?
Does 9 have a dog?
Can 17 play any intsruments?
Is 16 usually mean or nice?
What color hair does 20 have?
Have you ever gone out with 14?
What would you do if 2 died?
Have you ever pictured 4 naked?
Is number 15 related to you?
What's 6's favorite color?
Who is 7 dating?
Would 18 and 10 make a good couple?
What would you do if 5 was having a baby?
How long have you known 1?
When was 13 born?
What would you do if 11 kissed you?
Does 3 have long or short hair?
Has 12 ever done anything illegal?
Does 11 have a nice body?
How old is 8?
What is 1's last name?
Have you ever slept in the same bed as 20?
What was your first impression of 6?
Has 13 ever gotten really mad at you?
Can 12 dance?
Has 18 ever been in a fist fight?
Does 2 make you laugh?
Do you live close to 4?
Have you ever wanted to punch 14?
Have you ever seen 5 in a bathing suit?
What color are 17's eyes?
Have you ever been jealous of 7?
Does 19 cuss a lot?
Is 3 shorter or taller than you?
What would you do is 15 called you at 3 in the morning?
Has 16 ever physically hurt you?
Can you see yourself marrying 10?
Has 13 ever been in any of your dreams?
Have you ever seen 9 cry?
Does 20 have any siblings?
How does 11 dress?
Have you ever ridden in a car with 8?
Do you have any pictures of 2 in your home?
Do you think you'll still be friends with 1 ten years from now?
What is one reason why 18 might get thrown in jail?
Does 15 look like any celebrity?
What's 6's favorite type of music?
Does 19 have a job?
Does 10 like to sing?
Has 5 ever painted their nails?
Have you ever hugged 7?
How would you react if 17 told you that they loved you?
Does 12 have good handwriting?
Do you and 14 have any inside jokes?
Have you ever been inside 4's room?
Can 3 keep a secret?
What would you do if 16 showed up at your door right now?