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Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: December 4, 2009
Taken: 340 times
Rated: G

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Have You Ever :: Can elaborate.

Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 340 times on Bzoink
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Held a parrot?
Held a snake?
Touched a worm?
Took a ferret out for a walk?
Took a dog out for a walk?
Had more than 3 pets at a time?
Had more than 5 pets at a time?
Had a pet bird?
Had a pet cat?
Had a pet dog?
Had a pet ferret?
Had a pet horse?
Had a pet hampster?
Had a pet insect?
Had a pet iguana?
Had a pet mouse?
Had a pet rabbit?
Had a pet rat?
Had a pet snake?
Had a pet tortoise?
Had a pet water creature (crab, goldfish etc)?
Had a pet rock or something else odd?
Had a pet not listed?
Stood on a cats tail by accident?
Nearly tripped over a little dog?
Been bitten by a dog?
Been scratched by a cat?
Been attacked by any animal?
Been to the vets?
Been to get your pet put down?
Found a stray dog or cat?
Nursed an animal back to health?
Had a butterfly land on you?
Had a ladybug in the palm of your hand?
Put your hand in a spiders web?
Done bird watching?
Been dog racing?
Been horse racing?
Rode a camel?
Had your pet have a litter of little ones?
Been stung by a wasp?
Been bitten by a mosquito?
Walked through a flower garden and took in the smells/sights?
Picked a fresh rose?
Picked a fresh flower of any sort?
Made daisy chains?
Made daisy bracelets?
Done the buttercup test (under the chin)?
Bought someone flowers?
Been bought flowers?
Done gardening?
Been out in a thunderstorm?
Been out in a snowstorm?
Been out when there has been hailestones?
Been out when it's been flooding?
Been out when it's below -1*C/30*F?
Been out when it's been about 40*C/104*F?
Been in a heatwave?
Been out in 100mph winds?
Been out in 120mph or more winds?
Seen a waterfall (in person, no books)?
Seen the solar eclipse?
Seen the lunar eclipse?
Seen the aurora borealis?
Sat and watched a sunset start to finish?
Sat and watched a sunrise from start to finish?
Been on a high mountain?
Dove deep in the sea?
Swam in the sea?
Rode a boat?
Been on an airplane?
Been on a boat?
Been on a train?
Been on a tram?
Been on a helicopter?
Rode in a taxi?
Been in a firemans truck?
Been in a police vehicle?
Had a ride in an ambulance?
Learnt First Aid?
Got advanced First Aid knowledge?
Seen someone have a fit?
Seen someone have a seizure?
Been there when someone had a heart attack?
Called 999/911/112 or equivalent?
Had a fit?
Had a seizure?
Had an overdose?
Got heatstroke?
Got anemia?
Got ashma?
Got diabetes?
Broken a bone?
Had a minor injury?
Had a major injury?
Had a life threatening injury?
Saved someone from nearly dying?
Done CPR?
Seen someone get shocked?
Witnessed another violent crime?
Been mugged?
Been raped?
Been abused?
Had your house burgled?
Beat someone up?
Stolen something little?
Stolen something pricey/big?
Stolen something of sentimental value?
Committed a violent crime?
Been in prison?
Dated anyone in prison?
Had any family or close friends in prison?
Drove without a license?
Drove whilst drunk or on drugs?
Drove whilst extremely tired or worn down?
Drove way too fast?
Been on a rollercoaster?
Been on a ghost train?
Been in the tunnel of love?
Been on a carousal?
Been bungee jumping?
Been scuba diving?
Been sky diving?
Been in terror tower?
Played Bloody Mary?
Played with a Ouija board?
Used a Ouija board for more than just fun?
Seen a ghost?
Seen an angel/demon/god?
Thought you saw santa?
Been so frightened you fainted?
Been so frightened you cried and couldn't move?
Played a cruel prank?
Had a cruel prank pulled on you?
Believed an Urban Legend (whether likely or not)?
Was too frightened to sleep after watching a movie?
Had to keep the lights on because of a movie?
Laughed so hard you cried?
Cried so hard you laughed?
Laughed at a horror film?
Cried at a comedy film?
Was frightened by a scene or character from a kids movie/show?
Watched movies back to back for more than 6 hours?
Watched any of the SAWS?
Watched any of the Harry Potters?
Watched any of the Hellraisers?
Watched Annie?
Watched Jurassic Park?
Watched TV for more than 5 hours solid?
Watched episode after episode of a series back-to-back?
Watched Smallville?
Watched Eastenders?
Watched America's/Britainr Got Talent?
Watched Sky Sports?
Watched QVC?
Watched Fiver?
Watched a pornographic film?
Read a pornographic magazine?
Viewed or used something else pornographic?
Broke something of someone elses on purpose?
Spent more than 6 hours surfing the net?
Spent all night on the computer messaging someone?
Accidently clicked on an inappropriate site?
Recieved unwanted messages from a stranger?
Got emails about viagra or penis enlargement?
Downloaded music legally?
Downloaded movies legally?
Downloaded music illegally?
Downloaded movies illegally?
Listened to online radio?
Went on to a website you heard mentioned in an Ad?
Gambled online?
Played games for fun?
Read stories or poetry?
Wrote stories or poetry?
Looked up song lyrics?
Searched your name on Google?
Tried to trace your family ancestory?
Been on www.allpoetry.com?
Been on www.bored.com?
Been on www.quizilla.com?
Been on www.wittyprofiles.com?
Used Facebook?
Used Myspace?
Used Bebo?
Used Gaia?
Used LJ?
Burned a CD?
Made a mixed CD?
Burned a DVD?
Bought a pirated DVD?
Broken your computer?
Damaged your keyboard?
Lost the battery charger if have laptop?
Had a PS?
Had a PS2?
Had a PS3?
Had a Nintendo DS?
Had a Wii?
Had an Xbox?
Had a Gamecube?
Had another games console?
Owned a CD player?
Had a CD rack?
Owned over 50 CDs?
Owned over 100 CDs?
Listened to a CD through your DVD player or Playstation?
Owned a DVD player?
Laughed at something really inappropriate?
Laughed at something and snorted?
Cried for no reason?
Laughed for no reason?
Bought a car?
Bought condoms at a pharmacy/drugstore?
Cooked a 3 course meal?
Made an Indian dish?
Made a Chinese dish?
Accidently dropped money on the street?
Had someone close to you steal from you?
Been victim to racism?
Been victim to sexism?
Been bullied?
Said sorry when you didn't mean it above 12?
Missed someone so much you cried?
Ate oyster?
Ate octopus?
Tried sushi?
Made a tuna bake?
Baked someone a birthday cake?
Got food poisoning?
Made a flan?
Worked in a pub?
Worked in a restaurant?
Worked in a shop/store?
Gave more than 5 to charity?
Gave more than 20 to charity?
Gave more than 50 to charity?
Fell down a flight of stairs?
Kissed someone of the same sex?
Had sex?
Opened a bank account?
Had a baby?
Had a miscarriage?
Been skiing?
Been skating?
Been skateboarding?
Been to Europe?
Been to an amusement park?
Been to a fair?
Hugged a stranger?
Kissed a stranger?
Met someone before they were famous?
Hit someone?
Kicked someone?
Punched someone?
Smiled at a stranger?
Shouted at a stranger?
Forgot your pin number?
Held a strangers hand?
Looked after someone elses child?
Forgiven someone too many times?
Met someone called Stacey?
Met someone called Alyssa?
Met someone called Gregory?
Forgot your best friends birthday?
Forgot a family members birthday?
Been sick on a certain food?
Lost your temper whilst driving?
Been on a bouncy castle?
Had a trampoline in your backgarden?
Had a left someone out deliberately?
Cut yourself on purpose for attention?
Watched I'm a Celebrity?
Been to a book shining?
Been to a film premiere?
Liked the sequel of a movie more than the original?
Drove a boat?
Kissed an Italian?
Impersenated an accent?
Been to a national opera house?
Been to a school play?
Been in a school play?
Swore at a teacher?
Swore at a police officer?
Stood on a frog by accident?
Been in a forest?
Swan in a lake?
Call someone at a really late time?
Had major surgery?
Made up a new dance to a song?
Parodied a song with funny lyrics?
Bought yourself a plasma TV?
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Broke up with someone as you cheated?
Broke up with someone to get with someone else?
Taken a have you ever survey?
Hope enjoyed & elaborated.