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About This Survey

Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: December 6, 2009
Taken: 978 times
Rated: PG

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<--About Me: The Only One You Need-->

Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 978 times on Bzoink
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*About Me*
Born In:
Now Live:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:
Political Views:
Skin Tone:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Eye Colour:
Shade of Colour of Eyes:
Soft or Rough Features:
General Interests:
Dislikes/Pet Peeves/Hates:
Subjects Taking in School / College (if still in education):
Positive Personality Traits:
Negative Personality Traits:
*Self Analysis*
What is the best thing about you?
How about the worst?
Do you feel you fit in?
What about your appearance do you dislike?
What about your appearance do you like?
Do you trust easily?
Do you forgive and forget?
What makes you a good friend/lover/sibling etc?
What are you proud of yourself for overcoming?
*Favourites--We hate them, but they're needed*
Film Genre:
Girls Name:
Boys Name:
Game (Any Type):
Two Colours To Go Together (Black and White, Red and Blue etc)?
TV Show:
Item of Clothing:
Place Visited:
First best friend?
First kiss?
First relationship?
First time on an airplane?
First time on a boat?
First time swimming?
First thing thought about this morning?
First major fight had with parents?
Last time you cried?
Last time you laughed?
Last time you shouted at someone?
Last time you hugged someone?
Last person you kissed?
Last show you watched?
Last person who you hung out with?
Last time it rained where you live?
Last time you felt hurt?
*Relationships - Singles*
Why are you single?
What turns you off on your desired sex?
Do you believe in love?
Would you prefer your partner to be... Tall or short?
Thin or Chubby?
Emotional or Logical?
A Thinker or a Doer?
Would you want your partner to be like a friend as well as partner?
How many people have you dated?
*Relationships - Taken*
What's their name?
How old are they?
What do they enjoy doing?
How long have you been going out together for?
What first attracted you to them?
Do you truly love them?
How many people have you dated in the past?
Are you happily taken?
Are your parents married, together, seperated or divorced?
Do you get along with your parents?
Are your parents happy?
Do you have any siblings? If so, names and ages?
Do you live with your parents?
Do any/all of your siblings live with you?
Do you talk more to your Mum or your Dad?
Which of your siblings (if any) do you get along best with?
Do you love your family unconditionally?
Best friends name:
What makes them your best friend?
Would you be lost without your friends?
Would your friends be lost without you?
Do you fight with any of your friends on a weekly basis?
Is there one friend in particular you cry to - who?
Are you a good friend? Why or why not?
Did you meet most your friends through school?
Do you and your friends nickname eachother? Anything interesting?
Do you and your friends make inside jokes?
What do you like doing when you're with your friends?
Do your friends all know eachother?
Do your friends get along with eachother or is their clashes?
*This or That*
Pizza or Pasta?
French or Italian?
Light On or Off?
Music On or Off?
Kiss or Hug?
Geography or History?
Science or Art?
English or Maths?
Animals or Humans?
Books or TV?
Fudge or Toffee?
Glass or Cup?
Cheesy Chips or Normal Chips?
Hot or Cold Meal?
Black or White?
Red or Blue?
Green or Yellow?
Purple or Pink?
I feel most happiest when...
My family would best describe me as...
My worst habit is...
I act my age - Yes or No?
I enjoy swimming - Yes or No?
I love walking in the rain - Yes or No?
What makes you tick?
What films (if any) have scared you?
What can you hear around you now?
What colour do you think represents misery?
Do you like Coke?
Do you save bows you get on Christmas gifts?
Are you sentimental?
Have you ever been called big headed or arrogant?
What would be your ideal job?
If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who?
Do you know how to whistle?
Have you ever been in trouble with the police?
What are your fears/phobias?
Are you strong willed?
Do you make people laugh?