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Author: rocker112233s
Created: December 12, 2009
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Long Survey Jumble of Fun - B

Created by rocker112233s and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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List the occupation of each name that you know or relationship to you.
Ex) Bailey: Went to school with. Younger.
Kay, now some more "In depth" I guess.
Out of those, who lives closest to you?
Whose your best friend out of those?
Pick a mother out of them
Pick a father out of them
Pick a sister
Pick a brother
What girl would you name a child after?
What guy would you name a child after?
Are there more boys or girls?
How many more [boys/girls] than [boys/girls]?
Make that many couples out of the group.
Whats your favorite food that starts with B?
Favorite artist that starts with B?
Favoite song that starts with B?
Did I miss any B name?
How do you know that person?
Who have you known the longest?
Who have you know the shortest?
Who lives the farthest away?
Who is tallest?
Who is smartest?
Who is prettiest?
Who is ugliest?
Who is older than you?
Who is oldest?
Who is younger than you?
Who is youngest?
Who do/did you go to school with?
Who could you see yourself still being friends with 10 years from now?
Who could you see yourself dating sometime within the next five years?
Who looks the most like you?
Which one is the most athletic?
Which one does/did play volleyball?
Which one does/did play football?
Which one does/did play basketball?
Which one does did play baseball/softball?
Which one does/did play soccer?
Which ones are adults?
Which ones have been to your house?
Which ones live in a different state?
Name three you would get rid of, if you had to choose.
Who has the most money?
Who do you know the least?
Who do you know best?
Which ones do you know their birthdays?