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Author: xdancefreakyaniix
Created: December 13, 2009
Taken: 223 times
Rated: G

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You know those retards in the supermarket? Yes, your best friends.

Created by xdancefreakyaniix and taken 223 times on Bzoink
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Let us name five of your closest people, shall we?
Discussing numero uno.
What's their middle name?
Do they like chinese?
How long have you known eachother?
What's their favorite TV show?
Would they ever cut their hair SUPER SHORT? like, baldish?
Are they a twilight junkie?
If they had to be either a pirate or a ninja, what would they be?
Are they a goat cheese sort of fella?
Have you ever seen them in their undies?
If this person calls you &says her water broke, you say:
Le numero deux, monsieur.
What month were they born in?
What's their favorite chips flavor? or kind, wtvs. haha.
Are they an emotional eater?
Do they like Leona Lewis?
What is one sentence they always use?
Would they make a good security guard?
Describe their bedroom.
What are you getting them for christmas? ;)
Ah, alors. numero trois.
Is their profile picture hot?
What was the last thign you ate together?
If you could wear one item of their clothing, what would it be?
What do they wana be when they grown up?
Who's their most embarassing crush?
If you payed them, would they ever strip infornt of you?
What car do they want?
What kind of a -holic are they? (shop, work, etc.)
Are they the depressed type of person?
Do they have their christmas lights up?
Do they dance like geeks when no one is watching?
What's one thing they love about you? Take a wild guess.
What song makes them really hyper?
How about you make plans with them this weekend. kk? good.
What did they get you for your birthday?
What was the last reason why you hugged them?
And now, the cinquiemme.
Are they a cheepstake? haha.
Do you think they're addicted to their computer?
What's the longest they've gone without showering?
What do they smell like?
If they had a son, what would they name them?
Are they the type of person who would dance around in a santa suit?
Be honest. Would you give your life for them?
Do you have a song? like, YOUR song.