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Author: saroshlpfreak
Created: December 22, 2009
Taken: 27 times
Rated: PG

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I Tried To Be Perfect But Nothing Was Worth It..........(random i guess xD)

Created by saroshlpfreak and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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hey how r ya?? well i am bored -.-
so thats why im makin this quiz haha, so wats ur name??
place where u live??
is ur house double story?
ur family must be busy in christmas stuff eh?
well we dont hav christmas xDD, ur thoughts??
so you like music eh? who are ur fav band??
mine's LP or U2 or MCR or Sum 41 xDD, u like em??
u do know which song the heading is frm rite??
its frm pieces by sum 41 <333 ^-^, u shld check it out if u dont know it ;)
so u hav any complaints bout ur friends??
do u hav any online friends??
i do, alot :D, i like making new friends frm different areas of the world^^
u think i talk too much??
well i will let u know that in person im very quite -.- xD
i hav a tendency to go off topic so srry bout that -.-
now where were we, oh yea, friends, is ur best friend a male or female??
friends wont last forever u know, make the best with them while u can ;D
MOVING ON.........
so hav u ever moved in ur life??i have moved over 10 times :'(
god i miss my friends :(( oh srry,
remember wen i said i tended to go off topic, srry again ^^
do u feel suicidal?
if so why?? if not, then idk hahaha
i do -.- bt i can hold on lol (music is my saviour)
how attached to music are you??
do u like u2?? their songs are very meaningfull
its 1.15 am rite now, wats the time at ur place?
i hate skl, who dsnt?? ur nt a nerd rite?? xD
bt i kinda like it wen we dont study lol
bono's voice is so beautiful <3333 haha, do u think so too??
u shld listen to "all i want" search on utube ;)
dont u feel like that?? ^
thats a lyric frm sum 41's 88 ;D
which windows do u hav in ur comp?
personally, i think windows 7 sucks!! xD wat bout u??
yes, i am a comp junkie xD, are u??
do u play any instruments??
i play guitar :DD, do u like startocasters??
wats on ur wallpaper??
can u do me a favour and rate this survey 5 stars?? lol xD
which anti-virus do u have??
i hav nod 32 cuz it dsnt slow the comp down (my comp is retarded)
avg sucks -.- LOL xD ur view??
i hav a question, do u think g.w.bush is a fucking moron??!!
i dont like obama either -.- , u?? (bt i dont hate him)
u know wat iluminati is??
obama is a suspected member :O
how many languages do u know??
cool lol, soooo watcha doin??
this is my first bzoink survey, so plz rate it 5 stars hahaha xD
wait, i think i said that before, srry bad memory, do u hav bad memory?
do u know bout torrents?? (dwnload software)
if u dont then ur missin out BIGTIME!!! these things are heavenly!! hahah
i like political tracks. do u??
anti flag ftw!!!! hahaha ur view??
well this is good bye, we always knew that it'd come to this ;D haha
so later, tc
oh btw, did u like my survey???
if u didnt, can u tell me how to make it better???