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Author: -lastcall
Created: December 24, 2009
Taken: 147 times
Rated: PG

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it's not that our love died, it just never really bloomed.

Created by -lastcall and taken 147 times on Bzoink
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have you ever been invited to a tacky-christmas-sweater party?
does your school have spirit week..you dress up as super heros and stuff?
doesnt it bother you when someone texts you, you reply, & they never reply?
when is the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
what is the biggest turn off, to you?
is there one saying that is just getting OLD to you? ex: "fail"?
what do you do when you can't sleep?
when was the last time you had a nightmare?
where do you see yourself in ten years?
if you had the chance to re-do the past six months..would you do it?
does your family have traditions?
have you ever had a horribleee school picture?
what is the most annoying commercial to you?
whose voice will never fail to get on your nerves?
have you ever met anyone half-way famous?
is there a celebrity that you are related to? (im related to elvis) :)
do you like your laugh?
who was the last person to call you beautiful?
would you call your last relationship a mistake?
do you believe in regrets?
where are you going after you die?
have you ever been asked out over text message?
have you ever run up your phone bill?
pick: apple, or dell.
what is your outfit of choice?
who was the last person that you talked to on the phone for over 2 hours?
do you sleep on your stomach, side or back?
is it easier to fall up or down the stairs, to you?
has it been a while since the last time you got grounded?
would you ever take up a job in photography?
what is your pizza topping of choice?
what food is your weakness?
do you type with correct punctuation?
how do you like your eggs?
do you even remember your life before you could drive?
do you remember your first crush?
were you born in the place you grew up in?
someone texts you calling you a skank. what do you reply?
would you ever take place in a long-distance relationship?
what was your childhood nickname?
is there a smell that makes you gag?
do you actually use your locker at school, if you are still in school?
have you ever broken a bone?
do your parents trust you?
what is your favorite lyric of all time?