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Author: mirthlessdoll
Created: December 24, 2009
Taken: 226 times
Rated: G

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Hey you, I've got a few questions!

Created by mirthlessdoll and taken 226 times on Bzoink
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What were you doing before you started this survey?:
Is there anything you are currently procrastinating on?:
Name a band that begins with a B:
What song could sum up your life right now?:
Do you believe more in luck or hard work?:
Do you have any metal on or in your body right now?:
What is one language that you wish you knew?:
What is your favorite accent?:
What is your favorite thing to eat with dip?:
What was your last conversation about?:
What celebrity would you love to go on a date with?:
Do you consider yourself a heartbreaker?:
When was the last time you saw your cousin(s)?:
Have you ever randomly spoken in an English accent?:
Name one person you wish you talked to more:
Who was the last person to tag a picture of you?:
Have you ever liked someone much older than you?:
Do you want tattoos? If so, how many?:
Do you prefer cold or warm weather?:
Where would you rather live, California or New York?:
Is there someone you always, secretly hope will talk to you?:
What are you listening to right now?:
If you could live in any book / movie, which would you choose?:
What was your first favorite band?:
In the past month, have you done something stupid?:
How would you react if someone wrote a song about you?:
Have you ever been to a musical?:
What do you consider to be the best year of your life so far?:
How long was your longest relationship?:
Do you think dating at a young age is stupid?:
Which are better: English or Australian accents?:
What is your heritage / nationality?:
Do you have any current obsessions?:
Have you ever been in a play?:
Have you ever wished on a star?:
Have you ever wished on 11:11?:
Do you actually believe that your wishes will come true?:
Do you ever wish you could get something back from the past?:
Describe a time when you were very happy:
Are you friends with any bands?:
What is the last thing you heard someone say out loud?:
Would you rather have a hot boyfriend/girlfriend or $500?:
Do you stay up ridiculously late for no reason?:
What are you doing after this survey? Can I come with you?: