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Author: laurenpwns
Created: December 26, 2009
Taken: 119 times
Rated: G

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remeber what you're staring at is me.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 119 times on Bzoink
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What was the last song you downloaded onto your computer?
What color are your headphones, if you have any?
What would your last name be if you married the last person you talked to?
Have you ever told your parents you hate them before?
If you still live at home, does "Santa" still visit for you?
Do you know anyone who acts way younger than what they are?
Have you ever broken a couple up before?
Have you already had your wisdom teeth extracted?
When was the last time you bought a new pair of shoes?
Do you go shopping online a whole lot?
What color is your hair currently? Is this your original color?
Are you someone who likes children, or not so much?
When was the last time you wrote in journal / diary?
Are you someone who always tends to be disappointed?
Have you ever been depressed before?
Do you like those sour gummy worms?
When was the last time you went to a park? Who did you go with?
Would you say you're a pretty independent person?
Does the last song you listened to, remind you of someone?
Who was the last person to compliment you?
Are you currently waiting on something?
Do you ever pretend to know a lot more than you actually do?
What is your favorite musical?
Are you someone who tends to eat a lot of candy? Why or why not?
Do you ever set your phone on vibrate?
Have you ever been chased by a waterhose before? When did this happen last?
Have you ever been known as a cheater?
What was the thing you wanted most this year for Christmas?
Do you truly understand the meaning of life?
Do you honestly think the world could survive if there was world peace?
Do you give things away when there's an abundence of it?
Do you currently want a new computer?
When was the last time someone literally made you gag?
Have you ever puked in a really public place?
Do you like summer or winter better? Why?
When was the last time you were so sick you thought you'd die?
Can you name all the people you've been sexually active with?
Have you ever thought of yourself as better than someone else?
Do you honestly like The Beatles or are you just conforming?
Does it bother you when the television is turned up too loud?
When did you last have a headache?
Can you honestly say you're a good person, or not so much?
Do you remember the first movie you went to see in theaters?
Do electronics always seem to tear up on you?
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal or have you ever even slept with one?