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Author: septictankyank
Created: January 3, 2010
Taken: 6 times
Rated: G

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Lost in the wilderness!

Created by septictankyank and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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Here's a little quiz for you!
Name some friends... go!
Now, you and your buds are on a camping trip...
Where are you guys camping?
Who's idea is it to go hiking?
Who's worried about messing up their hair?
Who just wants to laze around in the tent?
Who's complaining the whole time?
Oh no! You guys lost the trail...
(8)If the lights in the sky are anything to go by, you're lost!
Now what will you do?
Who realises that you're lost?
Who's panicking?
Who's taking control?
Who keeps looking at the map?
Who's crying?
Who's holding up their phone trying to get cell service?
Who keeps arguing?
Uh oh, it's getting dark...
Who suggests setting up camp?
Who goes to gather fire wood?
Who's fighting?
Who's making out behind a tree?
Who says to watch out for drop bears?
Who's scared of the dark?
Who hogs the food?
Who refuses to sleep on the ground?
Now some random questions!
What if 1 and 7 hooked up?
What about 2 and 8?
3 and 5?
Would you share a tent with 4?
How about 6?
What if 1, 3 and 7 were in a love triangle?
What if 8 went insane?
It's morning now!
What's for breakfast?
Who didn't sleep at all?
Who had nightmares?
Who hogged the covers?
Who talked in their sleep?
Who snored and kept everyone else awake?
You hear voices in the bushes! You're saved!
The trees part and out walks your rescuer! Who is it?
Who calls first shower?
Who's jumping for joy?
Who actually enjoyed the adventure?
That's all! Bye bye xx