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Author: laurenpwns
Created: January 8, 2010
Taken: 149 times
Rated: G

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top four myspace friends.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 149 times on Bzoink
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Your number one :D.
What is the name of your number one friend?
How old is this person and do you know his/her birthday?
Are you currently dating this person, or have you ever?
About how long have you known this person?
Have you ever even met him/her in person before?
Do you completely trust this person and do they trust do?
Would you take a bullet for this person?
Has this person ever stabbed you in the back before?
How many classes in school do you have together, if any?
Have you ever been to this person's house before?
Has this person ever been to your house before?
Do you tell each other all of your secrets or not so much?
Do you go to the same school together?
Do you know this person's parents? Do they know your's?
Describe to me what this person looks like in detail:
How often do you talk to this person?
Have you ever been out of state with him/her?
Do you two share the same interests?
Why exactly is this person your number one friend?
Do you all have most of the same friends?
Where is this person right now?
Do you all have a lot of inside jokes with one another?
Your number two :D.
Why isn't this person your number one friend?
Do you two share the same hair color?
Has this person ever spread a rumor about you?
Do you two live in the same town?
Have you ever been out to dinner with this person before?
Have you ever kissed him or her?
Does this person ever call you just to say good morning?
Have you ever dated this person?
Do you ever do risky things with this person?
Have you ever been in a fight with him/her?
Has this person ever seen you naked before?
Does this person respect the way you view things?
Has this person ever called you, crying their eyes out?
Has this person ever watched your house while you were gone?
Is this person really protective of you?
Who is this person's favorite actor/actress?
What is the main aspect of his/her personality?
Does he/she have any kids?
Do you know when this person was born?
How old are they?
What are their parents' names?
Your number three :D
Has this person ever given you a birthday gift?
Do you know what his/her favorite animal is?
What is this person's middle name?
Do you know what his/her favorite television show is?
Have you ever dated or kissed this person before?
Have you ever imagined dating or kissing this person before?
Has this person ever told a bunch of people one of your secrets?
Do you have any inside jokes no one else understands?
Does he/she like your other top two friends?
What color skin does he/she have?
Do you think this person is more immature or mature?
What letter does this person's last name begin with?
Do you have any nicknames for one another?
Why isn't this person your number two?
How often does this person text you?
Do you even know where he/she lives?
Have you two been on vacation with one another before?
What is the most memorable moment you two have spent together?
Do you share your food and drinks with him/her?
Would you consider this person to be like a brother/sister to you?
What is this person's favorite color?
Is your number three single or taken?
If they are taken, do you like his/her boyfriend/girlfriend?
Your number four :D
Do you know if this person has a crush on someone right now?
Did you grow up with this person?
If they needed you at three in the morning, would you go to their house?
Have you ever been sledding with him/her?
Is this person younger or older than you?
Have you two ever taken a picture with one another?
When is the next time you'll see this person?
Have you ever stayed up all night with this person before?
Do you think this person is physically attractive?
Does this person know more about you than anyone?
Has he/she ever seen you at your worst?
Is this person gullable?
Has he/she ever had a conversation on the phone for over three hours?
Have you ever dated this person before?
Has he/she ever cheated on a significant other?
Do you think this person is more important than your number one?
Is this person musically talented?
What kind of music does he/she like?
Is there anything this person doesn't like about you or the other way?
Does this person tell you everthing that goes on in his/her life?