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Author: animefreak13
Created: January 10, 2010
Taken: 19 times
Rated: G

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I've Found a Reason For Me To Change Who I Used to Be [Top 4 Survey]

Created by animefreak13 and taken 19 times on Bzoink
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Number 1
Who's first on your tops?
Why is s/he there?
Ever kissed #1?
If you were to marry #1 what would your last name be?
Ever played dress- up with #1?
Number 2
Who's second?
Ever done the "booty- bump" with #2?
Have you two ever answered a survey together?
Does #2 play an instrument?
In what month was #2 born?
It's only soo significant that now we're talking about Number 3.
Now..Who's #3?
Are you in love with this person?
Do you comment this person a lot?
Do you live near this person?
Have you ever wanted this person to leave you alone?
Last But not Least- Number 4
Who's 4?
When was the last time you messaged Numba 4?
Sorry I had to go Number 1 there for a bit. (Kids next door) xD
Do you have #4's number?
Have you ever talked about marriage with #4?
Do you like going to the movies with this person?
Save your answers please? ^.^