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Author: vanillafire007
Created: January 11, 2010
Taken: 134 times
Rated: G

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Nobody Tells You Where To Go From Here

Created by vanillafire007 and taken 134 times on Bzoink
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Where is the biggest window in your house?
Is there any song out there that just amazes you every time you hear it?
What's your best friend's mom's name?
What picture is on your calendar for November?
If you were on Deal or No Deal, which number case would you pick as yours?
Do you see faces on cars (headlights as eyes, etc.?)
Do you eat pizza tip first or crust first?
Which finger has your longest nail? (Or are your nails pretty symmetrical?)
Do you have a walk-in closet?
Who is your most laid back teacher?
How many pillows are on your bed?
Do you have a snowglobe near you? What's inside of it?
Have you ever just randomly set something on fire?
Do you chew on pens?
Do you own anything that has an unusual but pleasant smell?
How many times do you sneeze at once?
Who were the people in your dream last night?
What's the screensaver on your computer?
What's the most annoying song that has ever gotten stuck in your head?
Do the pants you have on now have designs on the back pockets?
Do you prefer wide or college ruled paper?
What color do you wear most often?
Do you have any awards for anything?
Do you use mechanical pencils?
Do you always wear matching socks?
What day of the week does your birthday fall on this year?
Look at the closest photo to you. Who or what is in it?
How close are your eyebrows to your eyes?
Do your pets spazz out a lot?
Have you ever made someone carry you for a long distance?
What position do you usually sleep in?
Do you light candles often?
Are cap erasers part of regular office supplies?
Is your bedroom door usually closed or open?
What is the weirdest food combination that actually tastes good?
If a homeless man asked you for a dollar, who you give him one?