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Author: loveablegiraffe
Created: January 18, 2010
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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i love you<333

Created by loveablegiraffe and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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Your name please:
Do you like it?
Is there any other name you wish you had?
Do you wish to share your orientation?
Are you ever afraid people judge you for that?
Anybody you have a crush on; or relationship with?
How do you feel about them?
Do you think you'll ever tell them that?
Mind sharing who your first kiss was?
Was it everything you hoped it would be?
Is there anything your passionate about?
How about anything you hate with a passion?
Who is a celebrity you'd love to meet?
Is there any old cartoons you still watch?
Don't you feel sorry for the kids that dont know about the flinstones, etc?
Mind telling where your from; state, city, etc?
Anywhere else you previously lived before?
Will you be moving anytime soon?
Do you actually get to see the seasons change alot where you live?
How exactly would you describe your look?
If they have one where you are, have you ever been to build-a-bear?
Are there any disney parks, or other amusement parks where your from?
Do you cuss in front of your parents?
Have any pets?
Have you ever walked in on someone changing, etc?
Could you write down a few lyrics of ''what i like about you?''
Are your teeth naturally straight, or did they have to be fixed that way?
How old were you when you found out santa doesnt exist?
Whats your area code?
Do your have anything that you wear everyday?