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Author: sassybabexo
Created: February 9, 2010
Taken: 501 times
Rated: PG

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-Let's get these teen hearts beating faster {10 Top Friends}

Created by sassybabexo and taken 501 times on Bzoink
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So, who ARE your top 10 friends?
Ready for some questions about these friends?
Who is your best friend?
Are you related to anyone on this list?
Would you ever date 1?
What's the funniest thing 10 has ever said?
What's the craziest thing you've ever done with 8?
Would you/have you ever kissed 10?
Ever got in a physical fight with 5?
Ever got in a verbal fight with 9?
If 3 jumped off a bridge, would you follow them?
How would you react if you found out 8 had just died?
How did you meet 1?
How long have you known 7?
Are you in any of 9's classes?
Do you and 4 have the same taste in music?
When was the last time you gave 5 a hug?
Have you ever made 7 happy when they were sad?
Do you know any of 8's passwords?
Does 3 have any hobbies or skills?
Ever been swimming with 4?
Does 2 talk a lot of nonsense babble?
Does 6 like to talk a lot?
Is 7 a gamer nerd?
Does 8 play any sports?
Has 10 ever made you something to eat??
Have any of 4's close reletives or friends passed away?
Is 2 wealthy?
If you were suicidal would 10 save you?
Do you think 1 will ever sweep you off your feet?
Ever played truth or dare with 4, 8, 2, or 1?
What song reminds you of 6?
If 4 asked you to be their valentine, would you accept?
Ever snuck out with 3?
Done anything illegal with 7?
Does 9 have annoying typing/texting style?
How would you react in 2 started doing drugs?
How would you react if 8 was killed in a bomb which they set up themselves?
Do you and 5 have any "theme" songs?
What's the best present 3 has ever given you?
Do you think 1 can be stupid sometimes?
Has 5 made any super stupid decisions you were involved in?
Do you think 7 looks at pornography?
Has 4 ever run away from home?
Have you seen 2 fall over in an extremely hilarious manor?
When was the last time you went to 1's house?
Does 2 drink alcohol?
Is 5 destined for stardom?
Ready for some questions involving several people?
Have 7 and 8 ever met?
Do you think 6 and 4 would be good friends?
Do you think 1 and 2 would be a good couple?
How would you react in you found out 1 killed 6?
How would you react if you found out 4 and 10 had regular sex?
Would 10 and 4 go to a party together?
Do you think 3 and 7 would get along well generally?
Do 1 and 5 have about the same sense of humour?
Would 9 be willing to be 8's house slave?
Would 10, 7 and 2 make a good threesome?
Ever seen 4 and 3 hanging out together?
Ever seen 9 and 10 hug or kiss?
Would 7 annoy the crap out of 5?
Would 1 date 4?
Would 10 and 7's Valentine?
Would you watch a sitcom starring 3, 8 and 9?
Could 6 and 5 star in a romantic movie together?
Could 9 and 3 star in an action movie together?
If 2, 4,5 and 10 formed a band, would they be any good?
[above question cont.] Would would the band be called?
[cont.] Who would play what instrument?
Is 3 smart enough to tutor 6?
Is 5 witty enough to outsmart 7?
What does 10 want to be when they grow up?
Does 8 make Bzoink surveys?
Will any one of these friends read this?
If so, will they laugh?
Thanks for taking :) check out my other surveys and stuff too xoxo
Honestly, what do you think of this survey?
Any ideas or suggestions for future surveys?
Don't forget to save to your profile or I can't read this :) Thanks!