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Author: brinaners
Created: February 16, 2010
Taken: 74 times
Rated: PG

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have you everr~true/false~weirder~randommnessss!

Created by brinaners and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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have you ever..?
been outside of the country? where?
had toilet paper stuck to ur shoe?
ripped your pants?
bungee jumped?
ate a lemon?
walked around in a hot dog suit?
wet your pants..above the age of 8..?
sent a text about someone accidentally to that person?
proposed to someone?
got in a car crash?
had gum stuck in your hair?
gave a dog peanut butter?
laughed so hard you peed your pants or your drink came out your nose?
true or false?
you have green eyes
you are a female
you have brown hair
you should be doing your homework
your shoe size is a 8 1/2
you own cats
you love burritos
your favorite color is green
you have done an illegal drug/ drank illegally
your parents anniversary is today
you get disgusted eating/ drinking/ chewing gum in a bathroom
you pick your nose
you have been kicked by a horse
i am describing myself. hm..?
normal or weird?!
butt sweat
pull my finger
long nose hair
unshaved vagina!
unshaved penis area.
man shaving armpits
singing in shower
whats weirder?!
sex with cousin or twin
a giraffe/elephant (girphalent) or a pig rhino?
grey or gray
anorexic or bulemic
man in speedo or thong
unbrushed teeth or no teeth
drunk hobo or cracked out old lady
leprachaun or elf
if your best frined choked on a pickle, what would u do?
if u were gay, how would u tell your parents?
have u ever eaten a crayon?
what abut glue?
thought sex was something completely different when you were younger?
had a dream about your mom/dad????
thought your toys came to life because of toy story?
did u kiss someone when u had braces?
if so, was there cut up gums afterwards?
have u peed off a balcony?
farted in someones face?
had someone fart in your face?
been asked the question 'what do u want to do before you die?'
well if not, what do you want to do before you die?
one last question...
im interested in your responses, so be sure to add this to ur survey page!
hope you enjoyed :)